Is it nicer homes ?

Progress of course is infinite….

You see, there are many fields – there is home, there is transportation… there are subcategories: plains, trains etc.

Of-course, science is the understanding of phenomena – for example, there is astronomy, there are many subdivisions; there is physics…

Of-course there is health.

And of-course, most importantly, there is truth – why does any – most importantly, we – exist?

Progress is when you a. research – as Einstein said, “I am not particularly bright, just very curious.”

The thing with progress is, you need to be able to do three things:

  1. You need to read what has been written, b. you need to be able to independent evaluate, as Einstein said, “Unthinking obedience to authority, is the enemy of truth” (for truth requires flexibility – possibility… ) and c. you must be able to forge.

Now even though this applies to all fields – we find in science advancements, and those who have the unique ability to question, think, and forge, it most amazingly applies to spirituality.

And so it is important to understand that spiritually we began with Abraham who taught that there is a God – supreme single force.

Moses taught us the desires of this G-d.

However, both with Abraham and Mosses there was always a secret – the secret wisdom of Kabbalah, which though the Jews spent literally thousands of years understanding, clarifying, and aspiring to the laws, the secret of life was being unfurled – this reached its apex (though its infinite) with the Baal Shem Tov.

Following the Baal Shem Tov and his Prime Disciple, and subsequent Leader (of the Chassidus movement/philosophy) the Maagid, were seven generations of new souls – From The Alter Rebbe to the Rebbe.

Perhaps the deepest, most important question is, why do we exist?

And from my research, this question is only clearly clarified in the Rebbe’s teaching (of-course based on previous Chassidus.)

First and foremost, there doesn’t have to be one reason.

As the Alter Rebbe says, just as there are many different pleasurable foods; God can receive from us and His world, multiple pleasures.

But the core reason for existence is unconditional regard – this is basically, respect.

As opposed to classic thinking, that as God is great, therefore His needs may involve ego!, the opposite is the case; for true greatness is lack of any ego – and if one is humble – for He certainly exists and is completely humble, than the humble person, sees in other’s themselves.

As God said, “Let us make man in our image.”

Now if you see yourself, you treat another as yourself.

Namely, you give them both freedom (of-course this is perhaps, best seen in the parent child relationship – the parent sees the child as a little them – hence you give your child both (to the extent rational,) freedom (you don’t seek to coerce them… ) furthermore you provide all their needs willingly, and most importantly, your greatest pleasure is to guide them. So it gives God great pleasure a. That we exist, b. that we are happy, c. most importantly, that we use His wisdom to do ever more acts of goodness and kindness, making ourselves and the world a continuously better space.


Rebbe Mamer – Terumah

Rebbe Mamer Basi Ligani 5736

Only through humility – emptying your mind of all previously sensed ideas, self, arrogance and desire – can you fill your mind with the infinite – the light that is graciously bestowed) a light hidden from the beginning of time) but given to the final soldiers to bring Moshiach.

Rebbe Mamer – Vaira

God revealed himself to the forefathers with the name (lower) Haveyeh, as it descends into Eloikim (this is more like revelation that can be integrated – understood.)

Then, if we want the essence of God, beyond revelation, we must study Chassidus – the essence of the Divine – Matan Torah- revelation.

And in the times of Moshiach, we will have the essence.

Rebbe Mamer – Veilah Shemois

The exodus from Egypt, and the exodus from this exile, are similar.

The exodus from Egypt, was in order to get the revealed Torah – which as it’s limited, hence the exile, likewise.

Whereas, the exodus that will lead to redemption, is in order to get the infinite concealed Torah – which as its infinite, it contained such deep oppression – however, as we have passed all of our oppression, we can substitute suffering with spiritual suffering; namely, a Jew belongs in Israel with God, in the Holy Temple – so feeling displaced, we can erase (or substitute) suffering.

Mamer Rebbe Omer Reb Oishia

As the Torah, is connected to infinity, therefore as when we learn Torah we manifest the infinite, it heralds, the revelation of the infinite, in the infinitely close and infinite messianic redemption.


Alter Rebbe – Quotes Terumah

Alter Rebbe Termuh

When we eat, we descend (ultimately we have a desire, our soul, in the food – this is similar to the story that there was a righteous man eating on Shabbos, and the Baal Shem Tov had his disciples form a connection, and they saw that he appeared as an ox with a shtreimel (for he was into it…) conversely when we Daven, we elevate the sparks of food (so in other words, we need to eat, and we need to Daven.)

Similarly, we study Torah, we elevate, hence a business-person must have daily Torah study times.

Alter Rebbe – Parshas Terumah

There are two Tzaddikim, Yosef and Binyamin, the former is called Tzaddik Elyoin – Higher Tzaddik, the latter, Tzaddik Tachtoin – lower Tzaddik.

There are two types of souls, those that come from the level of Yosef, and those who come from the level of Binyamin.

The former are those who draw God spiritually into themselves and others, through the study of Torah; the latter are those who draw God into the world, mainly through charity and Mitzvos – though of-course, they too must study.