Basically we all fall into one of four categories: the first is naive love, where we refuse to judge anyone, because we wish to remain in love, as they say “love is blind;” the second which is the exact opposite, it is that we judge everyone! these are the Tyrants of the world, the bullies, anti-semites, the terrorists, because fundamentally they have been hurt, and they have developed a narcissistic personality disorder in which they believe they are superior, while fearing Shame; and hence this creates a subconscious jealousy of those who live in comfort, and the need to afflict, and therefore the brain responding to the heart’s desire, creates the perception, that others are so evil that they warrant to be, primarily, shamed; the third is unfortunately a state of depression which is not where we judge others, but we judge ourselves too harshly; and ultimately the only correct and mature path, is where we understand that there is good and evil, in fact there is Good in Evil, and there is evil in good, and ultimately, only through obeying the good, the infinitely all-knowing all good Lord, can we overcome both of The Evil Within and the evil without, as all of history amply demonstrates

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