Rebbe Sicha Teruma 5752

  • We are coming into the month of Adar when we add in joy.

  • Even though it says a Jew doesn’t have a Mazel, it says that the Jewish Mazel in Adar is strong.

The meaning behind this is, that because a Jew is connected to God, therefore even though his soul is higher than all Mazalois, but even as he comes to Earth, as long as he is humble to God, he is directly connected… and therefore has no power over him.

Of course, God is infinite, and therefore every Jew, has infinite spiritual and physical wealth.

By being happy, we bring all of the blessings that God can give us; As We Know, happiness touches and spreads.

The Practical lesson is, that we must be happy – we must make those around us happy, beginning with one’s wife, children, acquaintances, and in fact everyone one meets!, and this will elicit God’s infinite blessings.

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