Alter Rebbe Mamer Quotes

Alter Rebbe Mamer Mishpatim Biur Page, Ayin Vov… Beis

A Jew coming from God has the ability – as God is infinite – to be both a believer and simultaneously involved (for normally when we descend – as we found by the angels, the physical, becomes our reality.)

Alter Rebbe – Mamer Mishaptim Viayitui

There are two kinds of souls, the souls of Tzaddikim, that are intimately connected to God, that even below remain as his servant – and the rest of us, that though we are also originally connected, nonetheless on earth we become earthly.

However when we say the words of Torah, as this is a direct line to God, this brings God to us -not only the words of Torah, but in fact all the words, for words are comprised of sounds and all sounds come from the five organs of speech, the larynx, the palate, tongue teeth and lips – which further subdivide into the twenty two letters – all in all, speech comes from God and while the Hebrew language is purposeful and exact (in fact, every Hebrew word is the life force, so the word “baser”, meat, is the qualitative life-force that brings it into existence – while languages of the world, such as the word meat, are only consensus (so in other countries they have different words for the same meaning, – furthermore, the shape of the Hebrew letters, represent the energy system – however, as the Jewish people have gone through exile, and there, use words in their business dealings, and then when they say Shemah, because fundamentally, the sounds are the same; they elevate all these words, like building precious, sapphire, rubies, diamonds, to create the crown of God.

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