You can tell a society by what they hold dear and valuable, by what is sacred to them, so let’s have a little peek at the dearest and most valuable values of various societies to understand if they truly are sacred or savages – the first and easiest is Islam, which of course doesn’t include all Muslims but certainly includes Islam, and many many many Muslims…, and they hold sacred the murder of everyone else. II let us go to liberalism which is highly influenced both by Russian disinformation which found the most debased parts of our society, and as one of The Defectors said, “it’s the art of Judo, which is to use the other person’s weakness against them;” not to mention that liberalism was also highly influenced by radical Islam, and they hold sacred the Trinity of Soviet disinformation: namely anti-israel, anti Western capitalist society, and pro gay and lesbian, a mechanism to literally commit a society’s self-destruction. Now moving right along, let us go to Christianity of-course there are 30,000 branches of Christianity, but to focus on the evangelicals…, apart from what they have in common with Christians, which is a belief in the Messiah and a sense of God, they also have adopted much to the amazement and I would say because we’re entering the Messianic era, a pro Jewish, versus the traditional Catholic church’s jealousy of the Jewish people – and this is a great great step forward. Now in terms of Judaism, what we hold sacred of-course, is first and foremost God Himself, and then the Torah, and the essence of the Torah is goodness and kindness

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