The Only Ten + 1 things, Humanity Needs

Considering we have now, not 20/20 hindsight, over say a decade, a generation… but literally 5,000 years of civilization! and as a Jew and Rabbi, we have a perspective – for as Abraham said, “I am both a stranger and a dweller…” we lived with all civilizations, and we – as a foreigners – could observe them… – so the only ten things humanity needs to know:

a.       1. If you have no WHY, everything else means nothing – the why for life is:

b.       2. We are created to serve our Creator – now the Creator revealed what our role is:

c.       3. God came to Moses – believed by the majority of the world! – and told us what He expects from us…. – this tradition was one hundred percent accurately preserved, till this very day, in:

d.       4. The Torah, and equally importantly, its meaning, was written, not only in the original scroll (…all of the tens of thousands of handwritten copies, from many countries over thousands of years, are exactly the same (except for a single letter, which doesn’t even change the meaning of the word….) and Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi wrote in the Mishna, the Jewish laws, which became much further clarified, over practically a millennia of discussions (and books, such as the Talmud) until the great genius (“From Moses till Moses, there was none like Moses….” ) Rabbi Dr. Moses Maimonides, wrote down every single law:

e.       5. In his book He clarifies, that as is well know, there are 613 general laws, for every Jew, and 7 general laws for every Gentile – yet as Moses says in the Bible, “A prophet like me God will appoint, in every generation and to Him should you obey” – in our generation:

f.        6. The Lubavitcher Rebbe has clarified that all of Judaism boils down to a. goodness and kindness b. Always increasing in our goodness and kindness – furthermore the Rebbe was the ninth generational leader, of the new wisdom of Chassidus, from the Baal Shem Tov:

g.       7. The Baal Shem Tov clarifies that our relationship with God not only is not static, not only is dynamic, its expanding! for everything we see, hear, and occasionally even thoughts in our own mind, are Divine messages! for as God is infinite…:

h.      8. We are infinite – which how can a finite mind  /  heart,    be   infinite? – well if you open yourself to the fact that everything you know…. say like drinking a glass of water, is but one glass, in which there will be infinite more…. – so everything you know, which though it may be true, noble, Divine inspirational and good, it’s but a glass, of the infinite ocean of Divine wisdom…. hence all the further teachings, teach us, to always grow:

i.         9. Practically speaking, the result of this, is as Einstein predicted, “When we discover the truth of God, it will be both simple and beautiful” and the absolute beauty of this is…:

j.       10.  That each and everyone one of us is like a beautiful melody – like notes in an infinite symphony, for from an infinite God, like many hues, like different dancing stars… like the Kaleidoscope of flowers, jointly, create, E-Pluribus-Unum, an interactive dynamic, ever growing (for as I grow and share, and you likewise, collectively we dance) symphony.

k.       And last but not least, as humanity has had its fill of stupidity: both ego driven wars, and lust driven sexual stupidity; as we cease escapism in forms of drugs and media, and seek truth… we enter into the Messianic personal, and soon to be – as God predicted, which we see clearly with the return of the Israel to us,  the universal infinite messianic age – Amen!!

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