Baal Shem Tov quotes Yisroi

1 Once there was a bandit hideout in the forest, and they would send one of the bandits to the city, in order to try to befriend the people so they should come to the forest where they would rob them, but a wise person can see through the flattery – so too, the wise person stays on the right line, and ignores the Yetzer Hara.

2. We obviously must engage in the study of Torah and teaching, however there is always a danger that we use our speech into wasteful foolish nonsense, therefore when we pray, we need to pray to God – for it is only through his guidance and assistance that our speech remains on the correct.

3. One of the lessons of why God put the mountain on top of the Jews to coerce them to keep the Torah, is in order to teach us, that we must always be certain that we will always do the Torah, even when we’re not in the mood.

4. Just as the whole Torah is included in the Ten Commandments, so also the whole Torah is included in one word.

5. The word Anoichi, the first word of the Ten Commandments stands for Ana Nafshi Ksavis Yihavis – “My soul have I written and transferred” – in other words, the whole Torah is the transference of God.