At all times – think about this because it’s the infinite truth – three things are happening, there is number one, your physical body and every moment there are trillions of calculations – in fact as one brain scientist said, the brain is the most sophisticated piece of Machinery in all of nature! there are I believe more neural Connections in the brain than there are stars in the entire universe, that’s a hundred billion times a hundred billion… so the body, it’s functioning, its interrelationship with environment…. it takes in every second four hundred billion bytes of information of which we are only conscious of 2,000 – now our choice of-course is within that range of 2,000, but simultaneously and once you understand how minimal is the information that you have conscious access to, relative to both the subconscious information, and the INFINITE information that creates even the subconscious, you begin to realize that this third dimension is, everything that exists is part of the tripart system of: 1. God has a goal, 2. we go through an experience, 3. which leads us usually to Greater insight, depth, compassion, love, and the ultimate goal, Unity

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