There is no more important information than this

In order to manage a machine, you have to know its parts!

Well you are a machine!

You have five parts:

The essence of all essence, hence the essence of you, of-course is God.

Without your soul, you cannot live – like energy which must be born from energy (fire makes fire….) your life comes from the source.

Now the soul goes through four universes – the highest one, in which the truth, in which the cognition (recognition) that all is an offshoot of the essence (and hence in essence, is the essence) is there – As the soul knows its father, this, like a child attached to their father – is its will.

Then the soul travels through the world of beriah – in this world the light of essence is hidden and individual independent identity (like the two year old….) begins to be formed.

It travels through the world of Yetzirah, where more emotional (for we all have unique predilections – thus we innately are predisposed to such as, earth: laziness, melancholy; fire: supremacy (its offshoot anger – arrogance) water: pleasure seeking; and air: fun – bantering etc.

As the soul goes through the next level, becomes far more earthly in the abilities of conscious thought speech and action.

By the time we are born, the soul effectively is two – it is on one hand of the essence, yet it is so independently (not to mention all the data it receives from its senses corroborating continually) clothed in the notion that its conscious thoughts, speech and action, is it (it practically doesn’t realize, its essence.)

In other words, the goal of God, namely you – an independent (or at least you perceive, hence it is a reality) being.

However this is only a small part of the story.

For of-course as you develop (about six) the third soul – the first two are respectively called the Divine and the animal (essence and the body) Mind – objective reasoning, is born.

However, objective reasoning can also be subjective (this is like when you use your computer – how much of it, is spent objectively learning – versus simply following predilections…?)

Now there is a famous rule from Kabbalah “the strength of the body counteracts the strength of the soul” (mind) in other words, when your bodies (say in drugs, lust, anger, hate etc.) desire something, you lose your rational – in fact, far worse, for your mind (remember the computer example…) becomes hijacked by your body. (As a psychiatrist told me, people such as unfortunately Madoff, can be brilliant in their elaborate Ponsey schemes – so the desire for money used the brain.)

To make matters far worse, we also have a yetzer hara – this is literally the satan, or one of his demons (henchman) and his job is to get you to be a. arrogant b. (usually its offshoot – as the arrogant person expects to get their way, and is hence) upset (when they don’t – for the humble person who expects not to receive their wishes, likewise doesn’t get upset ) c. spiteful (for as we have jealousy – for we have a need for things to be fair – so when someone else is happy and we are miserable (and we feel that is unfair (as we usually do – this is why once a month, a woman who truly may one day give her life for her husband, may demean ) for as the brain gets hijacked by the emotions; when we feel something is unfair (in this case another’s happiness) it is only right to make them unhappy : (the brain then show us the “great evil” which must be shamed – the net result is, if the person feels shame, they too will be miserable – of-course this succinctly explains the abnormal behavior of antisemitism, antisocial, such as anti-wealth, anti-americans (even terroristic motives etc.)