Rebbe Sicha Bishalach


1.We’re coming to the 15th of Shvat and every man is like the tree of the field, and therefore we can learn, from the seven fruits that Israel was blessed – a lesson.

02. First and foremost, the reason we plant is in order to reap a greater quantity that we planted.

3. Similarly, the reason why God put the Jewish people in exile is because when God wishes to sow the light of the Divine, to illuminate the world infinitely with the coming of the Moshiach, the Jewish people are like the seeds sown around the world.

4. More specifically, just like a seed cannot grow in a desert, because the Jewish soul is Divine, therefore they are uniquely suited through doing a Mitzvah to manifest the Divine.

4. Generally speaking, this is The descent of the Soul onto Earth.

5. Specifically we manifest the Divine, through inspiring our animal soul to do a Mitzvah, which then in turn like the harvest – which is far greater when plowed by an ox, gives The Godly Soul, greater light, energy and love.

6. We then go to the other fruits Israel was blessed with, such as grapes, that we try to do our service to God, in joy.

7. We must recognize, that every Mitzvah any Jew does, like the pomegranate seed that is covered in its own juicy fruit, is a delicate delight to the Divine.


1. This week’s Torah portion mentions the Miracle of the splitting of the Sea, the Mun, the war with Amalek – what is the connection.

2. The connection is, it shows us that everything that happens in this world is organized and arranged by God.

3. Amalek tries to make a person not recognize God.

4. This is why there is a custom to say the story of the mun every day, in order to recognize, even our money / bread comes directly from God, even if the mechanism is natural.

5. Everyday God does numerous Miracles, (many of them are actually not even known) to, (especially) every Jew, particularly the Jews living in Israel.


True growth is infinite.


This Shabbos we celebrate Yud Shvat in conjunction with Shabbos Shira when we read the song of the Jews splitting the sea.

Generally it is known, that in order for a soul to elevate – it always must sing.

Shabbos Shira is the general elevation – the song that elevates every Jew (on every Shabbos.)

The Rebbe of the generation is both empowered and effects the elevation of the Jews of His generation.


There are five kinds of people, there are those who think the world has only love to offer, there are those who think the world has only hate to offer – among those, there are those who have who have resentment, because they believe that it is unfair – which technically speaking it probably is; and they subconsciously seek the destruction of humanity – which is of-course the only logical explanation for psychos like Hitler but far more subtly, we often don’t realize, that radicals who seem to be, for example “pro-black” are actually “anti-white”