Alter Rebbe Mamer Vayeira

Alter Rebbe, Vaeira

God is infinitely beyond, even the highest heavens.

As he has infinite love for us, He descends.

We are therefore (though it would not normally be feasible) able to integrate.

2. When a person realizes, that part of him opposes God – so in the olden day we sacrificed – and when the animal was burnt, our animal was singed – today we have prayer – when we pray (properly -this burns our animal.. – now when we are outraged that we have such evil, this is a source of anger to us, and once we have anger, this then leads to compassion (for compassion is on an other) and hence when Moshaich comes, and we look back and we can have compassion on our previously stupid self, this will be the greatest possible joy!

3. The highest level is the level of Moses, for though the forefathers had the greatest love for Hashem, nonetheless – it is a person experience / self, that loves (for love is an experience – revelation_) but because Moses was completely humble, nullified to God, to the extent that his words were the words of God, allowing for God to be his speech, there was no, I.

Torah Oir

According to how great is the withdrawal of the Divinity so say, the 210 years in the exile of Egypt, is the reflection of love – so that led to the giving of the Torah, and according to how great it is the withdrawal of our current exile, close to 2,000 years! So will be the infinite revelation of Moshiach – for at Matan Torah, the Jews heard God, but when Moshiach comes it will be face to face and completely integrated.

Mamer Alter Rebbe

Why was the first miracle Mosses to show Pharaoh, a stick turning to snake.

The essence of why the Jews were in Egypt was not for the Jews – as Jews are believers the children of believers, but to elevate the sparks.

All physical (certainly gentile perception) comes from the fact that though all comes from God, these sparks of Godliness fall into kelipah.

Kelipah withholds the fact, that it is God.

However when the Egyptians saw these great miracles, they became aware.

A stick represents the entire descent from God to Godliness to physical, and the serpent represents Pharaohs delusion, that this exists, without God.

Mamer Alter Rebbe

Just as there is earth below, there is “earth above;” just as there is Jew below, there is Jew above – in fact, we are a parallel universe.

The essence of the Jew below, is one of delight in God.

When we realize, everything is not even like a single thought – for imagine one thought – now heaven and earth is but a single thought – in this primordial thought everything that ever was, is and will be (was conceived) so God is obviously infinitely beyond a one thought (as you are beyond, just a single thought.)

Now who does God receive pleasure from, you.


Rebbe Mamer Quotes

Mamer Basi Ligani

The original revelation of Divinity – that God revealed to create – the Shechina, is only so it can descend to the Jewish souls.

Now we know that originally, the Shechina was in this world, and through the sin of eating the forbidden fruit, it jumped to a higher heaven, eventually ascending up seven heavens, and then beginning with Avrohom to Mosses (through seven righteous Tzaddikim) it descended–

Now the greatness of Moses, was he was the seventh from Avrohom – so too, we are the seventh generation, it is likewise our task to bring the Shechina below – whether we like it or not, this is our both mission and destiny.

Now we know, the main revelation took place in the Beis Hamikdosh.

The Alter Rebbe explains, that the entire purpose of creation is, as God desires to dwell within us here below.

It cannot be, that creation was for heaven, as heaven (as it stated “though the light is bright, relative to God it is darkness”) for light descends (progressively, whereas (though light reveals, there is a source) creation – the physical, not only reveals not her source, it conceals it, for it is in fact reflective of the truth, oneness of God (which nothing preceded God) and when we restrain our negative instincts for goodness and kindnesss, fulfilling God’s will, this then reveals the essence.

So God decided to have a pleasure, when we smash the force (say lust, anger etc.) of evil. and through this, he unites infinitely, intimately (within us.)

The entire goal of life, is to use the same energy (as God gave our animal soul – the main us – tremendous energy) passion, converting instead of being passionate about (say lust, anger God-forbid, fame etc.) solely for God, goodness and kindness.

So the entire goal is to use the same passion, that we can use for foolish pursuits and use it for spiritual – and this is the entire reason, not only of the purpose of the world, which draws within Hashem, but in fact, even the passing of Tzaddikm, for as the Zohar says, when a Tzaddik passes, a new Divine energy – their soul (elevates, yet, not that they leave us, but remain here on a much more higher level, empowering us to beat our Yetzer Hara.)

And we must learn from Avrohom Avinu, and this is our current mission that wherever we find ourselves (and go) the task is to teach – even if it means setting aside all our spirituality, just to teach a child (or adult ignorant) alef beis – and in fact, in order for us to reveal Divine light, it is exclusively through giving it.

And the bottom line is, that thousands of years and the Rebbes before us (and their passing, which as is known, is even worse than the destruction of the Beis Hamikdosh – not to mention all the other terrible horrific tragedies occurred) so we can manifest the Divine light forever!

Rebbe Mamer

Hayosheves bganim

  1. When we learn Torah down here – though we may be in exile – nonetheless the angels and souls above (as this is a novel – namely that despite being in exile we are learning) come to hear our Torah.

  2. The idea of revelation is not something new rather it is the same thing, merely revealed, hence the world of Atzilus is a revelation of God (albeit the revelation can be perceived by lower beings, hence it is “diminished”) similarly a soul

  3. Though the soul gets concealed by the body, but through doing its work on earth, it gets more revealed than previously – this is similar to the teaching of the Alter Rebbe, that if a Jew is praying and a anti-Semite is trying to disturb him – the obvoius responce would be to pray harder (hence the very diitioan of the body – which should be transformed to a passion for Godliness in fact creates a greater Divine revelation.)
  4. When we unconditionally dedicate ourselves to Torah and Mitzvahs (God and goodness) we place no time limitation, then God unconditionally likewise responds.
  5. In this way, we bring the infinite into the finite.

Rebbe Mamer

The goal of life is that through the Tzaddikim, God brings his presence to the Jewish people.

This is the paradigm of the Beis Hamikdosh, and as we know, God says “Make for me a dwelling and I will dwell in them” – why does it say about a dwelling in the plural, for the ultimate dwelling for God is within every Jew.

Now in the Beis Hamikdosh, they would offer sacrifices, which was mainly a spiritual exercise.

Each and every one of us has an animal – the animal soul which has a predilection and passion for foolishness

Our job is to extricate ourselves from its predilection – and when this is truly important to someone, knowing that their soul depends on it, they will do a thorough search, seeking to discern anywhere they have blind spots (and the very fact a person can sin, shows, they haven’t truly repented – which would take them out of the situation of “one sin leads to another.”)

Once the blood is drawn out – in other words, the passion for foolishness, then the animal can be sacrificed.

This refers to the fire of the Godly soul.

However, it isn’t enough that the Godly soul has a passion, the Godly soul must inspire the body (person.)

Rebbe Mamer Basi Ligani

A Jewish soul comes from the essence of God.

As we come from the Divine essence, therefore, we can feel the core truth (which at that level) nothing but God is.

For this reason while gentiles are not commanded on shituf ( namely, that forces “help” God) a Jew may believe exclusively that there is only God (all forces are simply part of a plan.)

Rebbe Mamer Basi ligani 5719

Because the ultimate goal of Hashem is us – as we know, the first thought is the final conclusion, hence the only Being that reveals the essence of God, is us.

This is like a beam that the top is in the heaven and the bottom on earth – for the beam to be stable the earth must be hard – similarly, specifically through the physical Mitzvos, we reveal God Himself.


Rebbe Sicha Vayeira quotes

Rebbe Sicha 5752

The ability for the infinite to penetrate the finite, is only in the realm of the infinite –  for the finite, being limited, is limited in all her abilities, whereas the infinite has no limits.)

As such, from Arvohom was the beginning, particularly with the Mitzvah of Mila, for the infinite God to descend into the finite.

However at Matan Torah, what was most unique, was that the merging of the two opposites occurred, not due to the infinite, but as a result of the finite – this power came from our forefathers.

As we do Torah and Mitzvos, we manifest the infinite in the finite.

  1. What is revealed, is nothing less than the essence of God, who having zero limitation, can merge literally opposites.
  • This (difference between before and after Matan Torah) is similar to the revelation of God (for though currently our Mitzvos draw him here, nonetheless, we don’t see it) after Moshiach – which because God isn’t limited (to concealment or revelation ) therefore the reward for all our Mitzvos, will be the Divine revelation.

  • The Previous Rebbe, had three main life phases, the ten years as Rebbe in Russia, the ten years as Rebbe in Poland, and the ten years as Rebbe spearheading the campaign to bring Moshiach in America.

  • Our job is follow in his footsteps, doing whatever we can – especially though spreading Chassidus – also being cognizant, that as he promised, Moshiach will soon be here (hopefully we will be Farbrenging with him this tenth of shvat) and so bearing in mind, that soon we will see the Rebbe, who will know all that we have done – this energizes our efforts to bring Moshaich now!

Rebbe Sicha Vaeira 5749


There is one aspect of time that it is ongoing, and a second, that it is unique – every second is unique – for as we know, time is actually a creation, that continually (based on the popping in and out of atoms / reality) appears.

Similarly, we have two aspects in Avodas Hashem – we have Avodas Hashem as it is continuous, then we have Avodas Hashem as it is special.

For example, there is the ongoing cycle of Shabbos, and then there is Rosh Chodesh, an entirely new month.

The ultimate goal though is to take the positive quality of renewal (which as we know, we have a unique affinity to (for example, we like something new) as well, as the positive aspect of continuity (which also we have an affinity to – stability …) and merge the two together.

This month is also the month of Yud Shvat, on the passing of a Tzaddik, these two elements are present, – for on one and all that he did gets elevated, which in turn allows him to descend and assist (within our reality.)

Rebbe Sicha 5750

This year is forty years of the Rebbe’s leadership.

This is similar to the fortieth year in the month of Shvat, when Moshe, began recounting the entire Torah.

In other words, after forty years, the entire goal of the Torah, namely the essence (the level of 11 (the kesser, the one higher then the ten, the essence) gets permeated (into the ten, into the Jewish people, as it states, after forty years, the student attains the mind of the master.)

As such, the lesson is, that we must add everything we can to spread Chassidus- especially women – to bring Moshiach who is about to come – now!

Rebbe Sicha 5752

In order for there to be unity, love, marriage there must first be separation – this as we see obviously in which God put Adam to sleep and made an operation, in which he created Eve – and then they could unite, be intimate, be one.

So too, each time we go into exile – this separation causes the ability to reconnect on a deeper more intimate way.

Therefore we find before the revelation of Matan Torah was 210 years of exile.

Before the second Beis Hamikdosh, 70 years, and before our upcoming Moshiach we had tremendous suffering.

(Though the Rebbe doesn’t say this, I deduced, this is actually one of the reasons we don’t physically see the Rebbe now.)

Part of the reason we sleep nightly, is in order for us to refresh our energy / desire to study.

Those who passed on recently, have an easier time to rise.

Rebbe Sicha 5751

The world is about integration – God and man.

As such it begins with the world…

The powerful ego, human identity.

Abraham first seeking truth, finds the God of the world.

However hidden behind this “God” is the supernatural all-encompassing God.

When the Jews got the Torah, the essence of God, as He stands both beyond the world, in the world (simultaneously, was revealed.)