The Ten Principles

  1. We all wish to be happy
  2. We all wish to not suffer
  3. We all seek love
  4. We all seek purpose – a meaningful existence
  5. If we think we are like someone – we become jealous if we think things are unfair (so while a child would not feel it is unfair that the parents have a car, certainly siblings (say teenagers) would be incensed if the parents give to one child and not the other)
  6. Emotions travel from the heart to be thought about – how to implement – in the mind
  7. As we like to imagine that we are good – for that too is an emotion (or even need) what the subconscious mind does, is create a delusion (so that in jealousy we perceive that the other is bad, so we can take away what they have – if we don’t think we can also get it)
  8. Happiness is not pleasure, rather love and a purposeful meaningful life
  9. Love is a feeling that you are loved (which is why as we think others think as we – so when we love, we have a tendency to think others, likewise)
  10. The beginning, middle and negative consequences of humanity is fear (for fear says, something is dangerous… – so while it may temporarily keep us safe, as it also doesn’t feel good (ask anyone with anxiety, and as we mentioned people get jealousy, hence it causes maliciousness.)

reality really contains infinite worlds, contained within four spiritual and one physical – in each world there are infinite dimensions – in our own world, say, think about the difference of the mineral, physics world; the vegetation world with its infinite different types; the animal world; the human world, so too, there is angels, and different forms of angels, and souls, and even though there are infinite dimensions in infinite worlds, all of it relative to the truth – to the one infinite Being, is like absolutely nothing, and yet that one infinite being, loves us infinitely