Rebbe Mamer Shemois

Rebbe – Parsha Mamer

Vayidaber 5738

Through the study of Torah we refine the sparks heralding Moshiach.

Before we study Torah, in order that we should connect God to it (for just as there is the connection of God to us, though the Torah, there is the reverse) we must precede it with Prayer.

Rebbe Mamer

The greatness of a miracle that enclothes itself in nature (like Purim) is it shows that on one hand, God is infinite, that He can come within nature and use it for his means.

When Moshiach comes the nature of nature will be, that it will be miraculous.

Rebbe Mamer – Lahavin Inyan Sefer Torah

We know as the Rebbe  says, this world is actually God – now ironically as there is but God and revelation (so perceivers can only perceive (a revelation – otherwise they don’t know) therefore specifically as this world – obviously must be God – for as something cannot come from nothing, and physically matter comes out of nothing, therefore it must be directly connected to the original something, from this we can perceive that the fabric of all reality is actually God.

Specifically a Jewish  soul, even below is literally God.

 The way we reveal our Divine below, is by evoking our Midas Hanitzachoin – firm resolve, which in the flip side, evokes Gods.

God is in the Torah, hence as we study the Torah, we bring God.

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