Alter Rebbe – Parsha Shemois

Alter Rebbe – Parsha

Leaving Egypt was a stage towards redemption.

Just as the entire exile in Egypt, was to merit the giving of the Torah, so too the entire current exile is to merit the infinite inner Torah (which will be revealed when Moshaich comes.)

The whole purpose of the soul coming to earth is to merit the revelations of Divine wisdom (in Gan Eden.)

Gehinom is only to purify the soul – from the dirt of negative attractions, so it can receive the reward of heaven.

Now, because the soul is a created, therefore finite being, the only way it can receive the infinite light, is through (its study of Torah on earth) providing “garments,” so it can receive the light.

Through giving Tzeddakah, we refine the exile, and the soul can receive her reward.

All of our learning – particularly of laws today, is to merit the infinite reward (in the times of Moshiach.)

In order to get the revelation of God, we need to first have concealment.

Whenever we say words of Torah and Tefila, like lighting up a thousand stars, heaven gets lit – the idea of Galus (exile) is like a person sleeps, he sees not (but when Moshiach comes, and our eyes will see, the light will be dazzling.)

Alter Rebbe Mamer

As the heart can go in any direction, though our souls essence is love and awe of God, nonetheless in prayer we must reveal it – especially when we pray out loud, this works.)

Because there is the blockage of the neck (so our meditations get blocked) therefore we must have compassion on God, our Divine soul.

The key is to rid ourselves of all desires, but the desire to fulfil God’s will.

When Moshaich comes the revelation from God, will be infinite (constant.)

 To eliminate our (subconscious) evil we must a. b. as King Solomon says, “a gentle speech (overcoming anger haughtiness etc.) transforms negativity” both one’s own and another’s.

Mamer Alter Rebbe – Shemois Voyomer

There was a spiritual world before ours called the world of Tohu, in this world the sefiros (Divine emanations) were stacked (one higher than the other – great light… but small containers) our world is the reverse (small light, but large containers.) Moses came from the previous world, which is why to us – for as our world is all about integration, and each part, for example, the head can do things the feet can’t, and vice-versa serves the other, for this reason Moses to us, was very humble.

Ultimately God will unite the world of Tohu (the infinite light) into the world of Tikun (us – our minds.)

Alter Rebbe Mamer – Zeh Shmi

Whenever we do a Mitzvah, a great light from God descends – in fact, when we don’t do an aviera (which is a Lo Sa-seh Mitzvah) it is such a great light it cannot be contained (therefore the action is not a do, but a don’t.)

Rebbe Sicha – 5750

The true cause of everyone and everything, existing, the soul and body (of everyone and everything) of course is God – our task is to both recognize this, and help express this.

The Rebbe is – as we know every generation has a source soul, the essence of the people, as well as being the heart of the people (he feels and cares for everyone!) furthermore this is most pronounced by the Rebbe (the Rebbe is referring to the previous Rebbe) being that he is the Rebbe that will lead us into Moshiach!

The Previous Rebbe furthermore – actually beginning from the time of the Baal Shem Tov – revealed Chassidus, the inner dimension.

Our task then is to reveal both within ourselves and within everyone and everything, the Yud, the essence, namely, the fact we come from God, and through fulfilling our Divine mission we manifest.

Furthermore our body is truly God – as is known, the absolute physical can come only from the infinite Divine (for spirit can’t create.)

The goal of course is while still in exile, as we prepare for the infinite redemption, we live infinitely – redeemed – by recognizing our Divine and establishing Jewish wholesome families.

Access your soul – the Divine within you and let it manifest.

We must undertake to study either three chapters, one chapters (or Sefer Hamitzvos) of the Rambam.

Mamer Alter Rebbe – Lihavin

There are multiple reasons for our love for God, there is the love knowing that God is my soul – however this is still connected to me (my identity – so it’s logical) a higher love is the love of Shema, where we are ready to give our very life for God.

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