The world, to paraphrase Prime Minister Netanyahu is divided into two – those who believe in life and those who believe in tyranny sadism, rape, torture and murder (under the guise primarily of Islam, which no less a pesonage than its founder, who they believe is THE prophet of God, the perfect person, in fact the only ideal… Mohamed – he was involved in four wars (mainly caravan raids) every year of his thirty year leadership! – as their sources document, he beheaded the Jews in Kurazia, raping their women as murdering their husbands, he ‘married” a six year old, who brought her dolls to his “harem” (though “to their credit” – he only fully had statutory rape at the age of nine, which is why Islam believes that’s the age permissible to forcibly ‘marry”) unless those who believe in life, liberty, and justice, protect these values – well, as we see in Europe they will metastasize – usually as we see in Brexit and America, life wins!