Ultimately, however you cut it, every single philosophy (basically) religion and psychology say, in essence, if you follow not your instincts (which all come from desires (for pleasure/s) or fear (pain, shame) and listen instead to your rational mind (not thoughts.. which are perceptions, rather objective truth – which as Jewish mysticism teaches, can only be discerned by a mashpia (chassidic spiritual mentor (for even our mind contains thoughts, which are influenced by our emotions) can you


I learned from the fact that Russia is holding onto thousands of Jewish religious books – something that they have zero need for – not only that, I think Mr. Putin built for them a library – you see, when we are not feeling good about ourselves, anything we perceive to be valuable – and in this case, precisely because Chabad desires it – for that reason, we seek it… – we must realize we are fundamentally valuable, so we can give and be just




Whenever Jews gather, they need to first start off with Torah and prayer, which draws down God’s blessings.

Whenever Jews gather, this makes God happy, how much more so if this is for the sake of Judaism.

When children gather we should conclud it with a verse of the Torah and the song Hoshia Es Amecha.

Entire purpose of a convention is for action.

When Jews gather, how much more so when it’s a Torah concept that gathers them, this is similar to them gathering at Mount Sinai.

We see the power of God at a gathering – from one hand each person is stamped from the first person and nonetheless we are all individuals.

It’s true Jewish Unity when Jews gather.

When Jews gather, an angel that sees the holiness above them would expire.

When Jews gather this gives God great pleasure and therefore he immediately fulfills their requests.

When Jews gather before Purim it is a day of rejoicing and good fortune for all Jews.

When Jews gather, this gives, like a father who sees his sons gathering, great pleasure.

When Jews gather, it’s good for them, and it’s good for the world


A lesson from kilayim is that each thing God made has a specific purpose.