Rebbe Mamer – Boi Quotes

Mamer Rebbe – Yud Shvat 5730

The purpose of the decent of this soul, is not to fix it up, for just as the Shechina (Divinity) descends, only to assist the person (to rectify, to elevate) the soul needs no elevation (rather the sole purpose of the descent of the soul, is to elevate, rectify, refine, the person.)

Notwithstanding this, the entire goal is this descent, for in reward, it gets elevated (as it has no revealed Divinity below.)

There are three levels to the soul – the essence of the soul is pure life, then there is the offshoot, as it gives life to the natural (intellectual) and animal soul, and then, as these two souls go within all the particulars of the person (similar to, as the body lives, and each part has its own uniqueness.)

When a person is praying and they find themselves getting distracted, they should awaken their righteous indignation – for the only reason, words of God have descended (for all comes from God, and these foolish thoughts that normally disturb them not, have come primarily now – the proof being, if one needed to go to sleep, these thoughts wouldn’t prevent them – so it’s like an antisemite trying to maliciously distract them) but by arousing one’s power / righteous indignation, and saying “I will not let kelipa (darkness) prevent Godliness” (and the only reason of the kelipah, is to overpower it) in this way we manifest the Divinity (which pushes out the negative.)


Rebbe Sicha – Quotes Boi

Shabbos Bo – Bishalah 5752

About the greatness of the Jewish women and girls Shetichyeh of our generation

 We find that the Jewish woman has the amazing Mitzvah, not only of being a light to herself, but to her whole family, including her husband and sons (as it says, “what is the zechus / merit of the Jewish women? That they take their sons to the Beis Medrash – to learn Torah.”)

Generally speaking, we find a number of wonderful qualities by Jewish women – first and foremost, we know that though the exile from Egypt was long, bitter, and hard, nonetheless they never lost faith.

In fact, it was the merit of this faith that all the Jews were redeemed!

Furthermore, as our generation is a reincarnation of the generation that left Egypt (and now with Moshiach, whom shall enter Israel) it is also in their merit (to be explained, that Moshiach will come!)

Additionally, the women were even greater than the men in the following two aspects – the first is God told Moses to first teach them Torah (for the Torah of the household depends on their desire.)

The second is, we find that both by the donation to the Mishkan, as well as by withholding donations for the idolatress calf, they excelled (…in the former, weaving goats hair, on the goat – and showing their extraordinary love for Hashem, and in the latter, refusing to rebel.)

We know, Miriam prophesized the redemption, in fact, her name was Miraim, which means mar bitter, for from her time the bitterness (86 years toward the end of the 210 years of slavery-) the worst slavery began – and she felt acutely the pain and suffering of the Jewish people (as it says, “Those who sow in tears, reap in joy”.) Precisely as she felt so acutely the suffering, therefore she and the women (who likewise) danced with tambourines (as their trust in redemption was so great, they had them prepared) at the end of the exile (which as we know, when they saw the Egyptians dead, this removed completely their fear – as it says, as long as an abuser is alive, there is an element of fear.)

Finally, in the haftorah of bishalach, we read the song of Devorah, the prophetess, and in this song we see the two zuchusim / merits, that the righteous Jewish women in our day and age, bring Moshiach through – 1 . it is in the merit of the light – the light of the Shabbos candles and lighting up our home with the light of Torah and Mitzvos, a light which extends to their surroundings. 2. It is in the merit of Tznuis – the Mitzvah of being Tzanua, is the foundation of the entire house of Israel, as it states “the honor of the princess, is within” (ED. Perhaps this is why there is such a sick culture of prituzt / infamy.)

So in conclusion, the Jewish woman of today, must be dancing (in a tzunua way) with tambourines, celebrating, that Moshiach is not only coming, He is here! However, simultaneously, like Miriam, bitter lament “how long can we endure!” (until with our own eyes, we see the complete redemption.!)

Rebbe Sicha Bo 5752

We find in the Zohar, that the story of Moshe Rabeinu going to Pharaoh, in which the Torah says, that God told Moshe, “Come to Pharaoh,” whereas normally it should have said “Go” is reflective of the spiritual level of the essence of Pharaoh.

As we have mentioned, the Torah in fact is a spiritual book – referring to spiritual matters, and it only reflects in a physical way.

The Pharaoh spiritual refers to – as the Zohar says – the place where all Divinity is manifested.

A source of the Divine infinity.

Hence we understand, why Mosses was afraid to approach… and God had to say, “come (with me,” for God Himself did.)

For Mosses couldn’t understand, how could the essence of God, the source of infinity descend.

Yet God says, “I who create the body (darkness) can create, that within the very darkness should be infinite light” (for being infinite, infinity has zero limitations.)


A normal person is concerned with their image, an abnormal person or what in psychology is called narcissistic wounding, which in common parlance means a person who believes that they are shameful, because other people whom they trust shamed them, and they believe that they are shameful, therefore they create what’s called a narcissistic identity, which means that in order to repair their inferiority complex, they create a self image of superiority, which then in turn creates a jealous hatred, like the wicked queen in Snow White, that she had to be “the MOST beautiful!” Therefore they are concerned about their image to the EXCLUSION and to the DETRIMENT of others… which is also why we find anti-Semitism, in fact, anti-americanism, which is by narcissistically delusional people, wishing to destroy those who they actually see as BETTER than them – for that, in the narcissists’ subconscious, isn’t fair, – for THEY deserve to be the best! Then there’s unfortunately the depressed person, who basically has a self shame and repression – ideally we reach the stage in which we care to improve Another’s self-image