The five irreducible goals

1. Safety (in other words, we cannot function, unless we feel that we shan’t be harmed – often the issue is not what is ahead but rather behind – for example, if you get born by a dog you now fear dogs – how about if you were needlessly shamed… – the best way to overcome the past, is to realize, that all of life is actually a gift! – Some gifts feel good, other gifts ARE – in others words, as in order to appreciate life YOU must be humble, (not to mention normal – not spoiled etc.) Hence humiliation humbles.

2. Health – now we are sitting on more data than in all of human history and it points to the fundamentals 1. Eat healthy!! b. Love (this is, as the Holy Baal Shemtov taught: Fear No One Or Anything, Rather Love Everyone Infinitely (meaning, “just as you wish to never be judged and only loved”… – fear not only psychologically is painful, but physically unhealthy) 3. Excersize (walk at least half hour daily.)

3 Wealth – wealth is wonderful, as it allows you to do our favorite activity: to help – the key to wealth is really #1

4. Meaningful Purpose – Unlike narcissistic secularism, we can only be happy if we are a. Good (not cruel, rather ethical) b. Fulfilling the unique Soul mission, that our soul has.

5. Relationships – we are built to love, and you have to make sure that you have good relations, with as many people as possible – the goal in life is to add your circle of friends as much as possible – the man who dies with the most friends, is the richest in the world!!