Alter Rebbe – Vayishlach


We know that Tifferes is the merger of opposites (so by having the capacity: bring together both chessed, love, and gevurah strictness, it’s their completion… – for it is the best of both.)

In a similar sense, Avrohom represents unconditional love (but conversely Yishmoel which is negative love (lust etc.) stemmed from him) Yitzchok, represented strictness (but conversely Eisav which is negative anger, etc. stemmed from Him.)

The ultimate – for all is Ratzu Vshuv, moments of inspiration (which if begins all consuming, will so be) and moments of Torah and Mitzvos – duty – hence Yaakov sought to be able to combine the two.

Mamer Alter Rebbe – Vayishlach


The battle with the angel and Yaakov, was the satan against the Jew – Jacob – ultimately the satan is a delusion (its entire existence is false (pride).

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