Because in order to understand a religion, ideology, movement, group, the easiest way (for philosophy always can be construed) is to look at their DO’S and DON’Ts

IslamThe five pillars: a. There is One God and Mohammed is the sole prophet (they believe other prophets such as Moses existed, but all writers were corrupted, so the only genuine prophecy is Mohmmed’s – in other words, the sole authority on everything is Mohamed – and because of course the koran is filled with contradictions, therefore it becomes the Imam (Religious leader) who interprets.)Fasting in the month of RamadanPraying five times a dayGoing around the Kaba – a rock in Mecca – once in a lifetimeGiving 2.5 % to charity

Additionally Jihad  
Don’t Not Listen   Conversion is forbidden     
Traditional (Salafist) IslamAll of the aboveJihad unfortunately  as is interpreted today, kill, murder, sex slaves, rape,Move to countries that are not majority Islam in the hopes that if you have enough babies you can make them into IslamSecular Islamic countries must be overthrownDon’t be friends with Christians, Jews 
JudaismBelieve in GodBelieve that all is for the goodFollow the Biblical CommandmentsDon’t ignore GodDon’t be mean, cruel, malicious   
Reform (a breakaway movement)The fundamental  tenet of reform, is any “rabbi” can decide whatever he wantsDon’t believe in Judaism   
ChristianityThough there are 30,000 sects, the fundamental unifying factor: There is a GodJesus is either his son or incarnationDepending on the definition – live according to biblical idealsDon’t blasphemeDon’t be mean, cruel, malicious 

Do you know why the Jews were able to cross the sea… because after seeing 10 Miracles, the Baal Shem Tov says, they knew that anything was possible – and the moment we realize that every single second there are billions of Miracles – from the very popping in and out of existence of entire universe – to life itself – to all the forces, whether it’s magnetic, gravitational, electrical, solar that make life possible… for when we realize, as Einstein said, that “everything is a miracle,” then we manifest Moshiach


The sum total of Truth is, that just, as soon as we know that everything that is created is for God, and technology reveals paradigms hitherto not accessible, so now instead of having physical objects, which like the wheel, it serves a singular function, and hence its identity is its function – we have vessels / objects that can contain Infinite different functions…. in fact you can completely erase the data and make it into something new! Similarly, we, which is the body, can contain ANY perception, and the ultimate goal, because God loves us – like a parent to a child, is to download Him in US