Rebbe – quotes


When Jews gather – to bring down God’s blessing, it should begin with a prayer, and also a study of Torah.

Whenever Jews gather this brings great joy to God, how much more so if it’s something for Judiasm.

When Jews gather, how much more so if it is for Torah which unifies them, this is as if they’re standing at Mount Sinai.

One of the ways we see the infinite hand of God is, though from on one hand we are all unique, we are also all similar.

When Jews gather to study Torah, this unifies them.

When Jews gather, there is an additional Holiness from the multiplying effect.

When Jews gather it highlights the unity of the Jewish people.

When there is a gathering of Jews, if an angel were to see it, it would nullify itself out of existence.

As a gathering of Jews creates a pleasure by God, therefore He blesses those people there.

When a gathering is for Torah, it affects that the Torah affects all those gathered.

One the most important things in a gathering is that as the resolutions made are in public it has more staying power.

A gathering also adds to the joy and the blessings.

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