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When Jews gather – to bring down God’s blessing, it should begin with a prayer, and also a study of Torah.

Whenever Jews gather this brings great joy to God, how much more so if it’s something for Judiasm.

When Jews gather, how much more so if it is for Torah which unifies them, this is as if they’re standing at Mount Sinai.

One of the ways we see the infinite hand of God is, though from on one hand we are all unique, we are also all similar.

When Jews gather to study Torah, this unifies them.

When Jews gather, there is an additional Holiness from the multiplying effect.

When Jews gather it highlights the unity of the Jewish people.

When there is a gathering of Jews, if an angel were to see it, it would nullify itself out of existence.

As a gathering of Jews creates a pleasure by God, therefore He blesses those people there.

When a gathering is for Torah, it affects that the Torah affects all those gathered.

One the most important things in a gathering is that as the resolutions made are in public it has more staying power.

A gathering also adds to the joy and the blessings.


How To Be An Island Of Positivity in an ocean of negativity

  1. First and foremost you must understand you are valuable!

You are actually part of God!

In the beginning…. Kabbalah teaches, there are four reasons why God made you and everyone and everything!

The first reason is respect!

Now you may be thinking, “why would God respect me?” – the answer is, that such thinking is based on a mistaken perception.

If you think God is great, and great people have arrogance, then your thinking is true.

But if God is truly great!, great people have humility.

They see others with the greatest of respect.

Now when you respect someone – in fact, this, as John Grey explains, wives treat husbands – you seek to impart wisdom – you try to benefit them.

So the # 1 reason you, I, and everyone exists, is, because foreseeing the future, foreseeing you!, God had a profound desire to assist!

(later we’ll discuss, how He does.)

The second reason, is because as God is, “a great guy” he loves to give!

So God really wants to assist!

The third reason is to fulfil His potential.

Why does an artist paint, a singer sing? – in their own mind, they could create beautiful compositions… but when you express it, there is a great joy!

And finally to be known – when you are humble, you like that others should appreciate you.

  • Now the next step is to understand that you have a unique mission!

Each and every one of us has a unique Divine mission!

Though there are general rules, such as be kind, generous, and never cruel (which we must now digress, for there was a story in which a gentile asked Hillel, the leader of the Jewish people – “What is the essence of the Bible?” he replied “Don’t do to others that which you don’t want them to do to you.”
Question the sages, “couldn’t he have said ‘Do to others, that which you want them to do to you?’”
Doesn’t the Bible believe in compassion –
but the most cardinal principle of all goodness and kindness is never shame! (sure, I may make a mistake, but I don’t want anyone to shame me – so never do that.)

Specifically, the world is not a random place – if you happen to see someone in pain, shame… it is your job to alleviate that suffering; just as you would want another to do to you.

Imagine a world in which we all lived this way.

  • Now it is simple,  to be positive,  you must induce a positive outlook.

As the first thought of the day becomes our train of daily thoughts, therefore as soon as you are aware that you are awake, you must immediately think of at least five major blessings!

  • Of-course it is impossible to be positive if you are continuously bombarded with negativity.

Do not mistaken the horrific power of the media!

In my own experience, I got so sick of the media circus, that two weeks before the 2106 elections I went on a media diet – now there is a very very smart commentator by the name of Michael Medved, and he spoke for a Chabad.org, 24 hour marathon of Positive speeches in the New York Public library – he said something that at the time I didn’t think was true….  he said, that if you ask people:
“How is life?”
“How is your life?”

He said, he believed that the reason this is the case, is because of the constant images of reality that the media portrays – well, until I actually did what he said, and experienced how I see the world now, filled with beautiful people, and we are living (and this is statistically the case) in the most peaceful, most prosperous, healthiest, kindest, freest time in human history!

Not only is the news cycle evil, but TV, movies – much of the political discourse – it’s all filled with violence, perverted ideas.

  • As studies show, the number one way to be happy is, be faithful – be honest (otherwise, you think everyone is out to crook you, for we think others think as we do) get married (sex might be pleasurable, but a relationship is meaningful)   have children   (anyone who does, can say, it is the greatest blessing!)

  • Practically speaking, when society has gone insane – with radical ideologies trying to pervert, like Nazi Germany did to the Germans, you have to be an island of sanity – so, know, that the deepest mechanism with which God assists us, is a dual reality – first and foremost we have freedom of choice (not freedom of consequence) if we wish to be a fool and think that by swimming with sharks we won’t get gnashed, we can;
    however, if we truly desire (for true desire trumps everything) to live a positive life, God already is helping you! – ask yourself: “Do I ever hear a voice in my head, not my own, for it tells me not anything I think) sharing with me a direction? (like do a. or b.”)
    The entire purpose of creation – remember the first principle, “God desires to assist by offering advice,” is that God seeks to help you help yourself.

If you have heard this voice, as many have, all I can tell you, based on my extensive Kabbalah studies listen! – everything God does, He does in a three part system: a. there is His vision b. there is the communication c. if you listen, the vision will turn into a positive benefit.

No words can underestimate the importance of, in an ocean of negative, having a beacon of positivity.