The menorah is comprised of candles, the candle is comprised of fire and the fuel – the fuel is the emotions, the light is wisdom – light has to influence the emotions.

The seven candles of the Menorah in the Beis Hamikdash represent the 7 types of Jewish Souls.

The purpose of the menorah was to draw down the infinite light into the finite.

The mistaken diagram of the Menorah, is based on a wicked gentile, who drew it into the Arch of Titus, and now people are copying that.

When we work on influencing another, we must do so in an expansive manner.

The Menorah was made out of one solid block of gold, which shows, even though we may be branches, we are of the same tree.


Menachem is the name of Moshiach which is alluded to by the fact that it begins with a mem and ends with a closed mem.



The ten absolutely stupid modern ideas (in fact they aren’t as modern but – belong often to failed and even self destroyed societies (in the past)

1. Gay – gay is obvious not marriage (anyone who thinks people who are following a path in which the sole goal is libidinal gratification (and to compare what on average is a lifestyle in which they have (sic) 300 one night stands, the average “marriage” lasts six months, and even then, they don’t believe that being monogamous is “holy,” a completely hedonistic selfish – not to judge, but obviously – completely selfish lifestyle)

2. Anti wealth- anyone to stupid enough to forget communism – where as in “animal farm” the dictators take everything, and the poor are discarded (capitalism creates the capital to help the poor)


While it is true that women should be completely revered, for they are our mothers, wives, and without them the world a. wouldn’t exist and b. is existence would be sterile – nonetheless, the feminist revolution, which was a desire, hopefully, for better respect for women – by thinking that the male role was superior created, that in fact, the far more superior – in terms of meaning, purpose, life – of the feminine role – in foolish people (lacking discernment and self-thinking) has led to their lack of marriage, happiness and literally extinction