Alter Rebbe – Toildois – quotes


There is Divine revelation from above to below, and human seeking from below to above, and while revelation has its limitation (as it obviously must be according to the capacity of the one seeing) nonetheless, seeking God is unlimited (and likewise touches the unlimitedness of the Divine.)

It is known, that we enjoy things that are opposite, hence the person who is cold wants a hot drink, and the person who is hot, wants to wash his face in cold ( a modern example, when we are in the winter, we turn on the heat; and when in the summer, we make it cold ED.) Avrohom draws down Divinity, Yitzchok receives (or draws up;) Yaakov “marries” the two (this is the great secret – Divine revelation, human ascension and integration.)


Imagine a wellspring, it is an underground source – rivers can stream forth – in Heaven (Gan Eden) they have various rivers (each to their capacity of understanding) but when Moshiach comes, the wellspring itself will be revealed.

The main pleasure we have is in transformation or difference (hence the pleasure men / women, have in each other etc.) now Yitzchok comes from the word laughter, though his name relates to Gevurah (severity or harsh judgement) for though this world is created with the name Elokim, that conceals Godliness, it is for this very reason, when we break through the darkness (our ego) and reveal the light, that the greatest pleasure comes.

It states that Yitzchok had laughter from his wife – the analogy is, that God’s greatest joy is the transformation of our animal, to Divine.

In reward for everything we have done – Torah and Mitzvos till Moshiach, God will reveal infinite.

When Moshaich comes, the infinite – which can come into anywhere (for it has no limitation) will infinitely be here!!


We find that the sefiros are in two orders

Keser – Pleasure – Desire
Chochmah – Creative
Binah – Details
Daas – Integrating
Chessed – Love
Gevurah – Fear
Tifferes – In-between

In this order, the higher level makes the lower.

In the next order:

ContractedKesser –
 Pleasure –
2. Left Brain   Details3. Prefrontal brain   IntegratingRight brain

Fear (which also – as we have innate jealousy – creates Judgmentalism – fascinating subject…)“In-Between”

More like detached observation   Or integrated (the emotion here is not about my reaction rather my action, like compassion.)
Sensitive (or sensitivity)9. In Between

 10. Humility 

We find that daas, receives directly from Kesser.

Effectively both are true, for there is Daas Elyoin (kesser) and Daas Tachtoin (common daas) whereas the former, the Desire impels a reason, and likewise intellect can create an opinion, there is also the reverse (in other words, the Godly soul is first intellect, which creates the corresponding emotion, whereas the animal soul is first emotions and the intellect (like the internet for example) is only to fulfil its desires.)

Similarly, these two dynamics are in the higher spheres, for on one hand (this takes some Kabbalah background) zah is connected directly to atik, yet on the other hand zah can also come from ava.

Now Daas – its function, is to refine emotions – for emotions are a mix of good and evil (for example, someone who prays with great passion, after the prayer that person may be more likely to become angry – and if his passion were only from the Godly soul, this couldn’t occur) in other words, by applying logic to emotions, we correct them.

When we connect to our deepest strongest love of God, this causes that our emotions are according to pure (intent.)

When Moshiach comes, as the infinity of God will be revealed, hence the dead (Jewish) will rise, and furthermore they will be able to live without eating.

Blog To Paraphrase King David, he who made the intellect cannot not know

Blog People who have fame, if it is not based on Divinity – it will dissipate.

Vayomer Loi Yehoinasan

It is from the humility of the Jew, that we create the space for the infinite.

God descends within, to the extent… that the two become one.

How is it, that as Yitzchok was a merkavah (in other words, our forefathers did but God’s instruction) and he wanted to bless Eisav, so the Divinity could transform him (and the great sparks of Divinity in the world) nonetheless, he ended up blessing Yaakov? for the blessing refers (mostly) to the study – nay the effort in the study of Torah (this is refines the sparks.)

Through the humble study and sacrifice for the study of Torah, we merit to reveal God (and Moshiach.)

Reih Reich Bini

Because holiness doesn’t enter kelipah, therefore they see themselves as “god.”

Eisav can be holy but through Yaakov.

Contained both within the stories of the Torah, as well as the details of the Mitzvos, the ability for the infinite to penetrate.

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