You know that you got the jackpot of Truth when the theory you find, is not individualistic but as to paraphrase Einstein, that when we discover the truth, it will be both simple and beautiful – and the truth is based on Kabbalah, that in the beginning there was only the infinite Creator who out of pure unconditional love emanated 5 universes – the first four are spiritual, the last is physical, but every universe and every being in the universes, effectively is made up of the same dimension – which is, a universe is a time space dimension in which Souls / spirits / consciousnesses that have emotions exist, and ultimately it was all so that this universe in which light and darkness, Good and Evil, love and stupidity are so abundant, that those who seek truth could both find, and through their truth, which always includes the discovery of the Creator, they would imbue within their soul part of his Infinite ability to continuously progress