the reason people can be evil, is because when we feel disconnected from another, so just like we can step on an ant… because innately we have a sadistic pleasure in demeaning others, that’s why the Nazis, they took pleasure in sadism, and never forget, that those people that don’t identify with you, and that is say Africans, certainly the Arabs who hate themselves and hate everybody else, obviously there may be good people among them, but generally speaking, the people that don’t see you as one of them… in fact often within a society itself, people from shame or bullying can disassociate from their society, there is in fact no evil that they are not capable of, and even perhaps take pleasure in


Rebbe – Toildois 5752

1. Parsha Noach has the name Noach, and this refers to the name of the individual, which refers to his very being, his existence; whereas Parshas Toildois speaks about the behavior of the individual, and these two things are major! because on one hand we have a Divine Soul, so in essence we are the son of God, on the other hand we have a body, and God sends the soul into the body, for whereas the soul, though it is truly part of God, nevertheless the desire of God is that the soul within the body should be able to fulfill a Mitzvah, which manifests the fact that God is unlimited.

2 The goal is that the soul should reveal itself in the body, so our essence should also be our very behavior.

3. Though we are a Divine soul, as God’s love for us is infinite, therefore, as the greatest love is choice, and it is the body of the Jew that he has made an unconditional choice in, which is why when Moshiach comes, all souls will come back into their bodies and the Jewish people will live eternally.

Parshas Noach represent birth, lech Licha represent growth, Vayeira is Divinity, Chaiyai Sara as the Soul and Body unite, Toildois goodness, vayeitzei Shlichus – vayishlach, changing the world – vayeishev Moshiach.

4. When Moshiach comes, we will all see, how our souls are actually Divine.