Rebbe – Mamer – Chayei Sara -5738

1. Vavraham

1. “And Abraham was old coming in days” so the Zohar says this means that all his days were completed with Torah, Mitzvahs, goodness and kindness, and we must ensure that all our days are complete days.

2. In order for the soul to receive the Divine Light above, It must have Torah and Mitzvos – this is like clothing, for the Divine radiance is so great that without clothing it cannot be incorporated.

3. Being that we are in this world even the Torah and Mitzvos we do is also tainted, and therefore it takes angels that polish these Mitzvahs and bring them to God.

4. In order to ascend to heaven, we first must completely forget, even from Heaven to heaven -, the entire perception of our human previous reality.

5. Through prayer all of our Torah and Mitzvahs elevate to God.

6. One can ask a question, why is it so important to have everyday mitzvahs – for example, you could make up with Charity on another day, but the answer is, because the whole point is to rectify the world and the most important aspect of the world is time.


Mamer Rebbe Vihui Chaye Sara 5751

Vihui 5751

  1. When we do a complete service to Hashem, with our mind, heart and action, we draw down God.

  2. We also draw down the Divine wisdom, which then influence our thoughts, emotions, hence behavior.

  3. The purpose of Avodah is to draw God on earth – this is similar to what we do when we make a Brocho – for the goal is a. that God should be our personal God and b. that when Jews do this, it also permeates to the gentiles – so the Avodah is, we draw God into our minds and emotions.

  4. When Hashem comes down, as we know, when the higher comes to the lower, the lower receives the qualities (of the higher ) – the Avodah of drawing God down, when are soul/sole desire is for God, creates that this completely imbues us.

  5. When we serve God in this way – then it draws down Him (which draws down all good.)

  6. Moshiach is completely ready to come – the Previous Rebbe said, that we have even polished our buttons!

Mamer Rebbe Vihui – Chayei Sara

  1. The Zohar tells us the significance of the verse “These are the years of Sara, 127,” that all her years were equally good, and that her years belonged to her – what is the connection?
  • All the stories of our forefathers and mothers are actually both lessons in life for us and empowerment (as we inherit their spiritual “prowess”) hence the lesson is, we have the ability to live, one hundred percent meaningful (complete) days, years, life.

2.a However some might counter, “I may have this capacity in the future, but not in the past? – however as, if you – from love (not fear) seek God, this retroactively fixes the past…”

3. This also explains the (bizarre) statement of the Tanya: that everyone can at any time be a Benoini (one who never has or will sin – for how can this be??) the answer is, because when we do Teshuva from love, it retroactively fixes all of our sins – and as Teshuvah is the most fundamental of all Mitzvos, therefore, it is a likewise inherently simple (for by nature we all seek Divinity – it is only the Yetzer Hara, that counteracts/distracts.)

4. Now Sara comes from the word Sirarah – Malchus – Kingship – but because Malchus is related, to God, therefore, she has a humble joy (for joy that lacks humility, can lead to arrogance.)

5. Because Teshuva goes higher than time – therefore when we do Teshuva, we manifest the infinite in the finite.

6. Ultimately, because God is infinite, and gives us the power – we have the ability to be both joyous and humble.


Mammer Vayihu Chayie Sara 5741

  1. The Zohar said, that when Chava came to the world, the dark force sought her and managed to attach itself, when Noach came – “he planted a vineyard and got drunk” – but when Sarah came, it couldn’t (get her) so it abandoned (it’s plan.)

  2. Everything that occurred to our forefathers is actually a lesson in our lives – in fact, as to begin a journey is the hardest step, they empower us (our spiritual journeys.)

  3. The main lesson is – serving God must be done joyously, as the verse state “Serve God with Joy!”

Furthermore serving God joyously, is a foundational principle, as its brought down, “because you served not God with joy” (we were exiled.)

In fact, the reason the Holy Ari had such great Divine spirit (Ruach Hakodesh) is because, he enjoyed doing Mitzvos.

The reason joy is so important, for only then do we serve properly.

And thereby we create completion in the world.

For the whole world is for the Jewish people, which means for the service of the Jewish people – and this is their fundamental identity – as our sages teach, “I was only created to serve my Creator.”

In other words, the Jewish people through their Avodah effect that the world achieves total completion.

For though the world was created complete, nonetheless, part of God’s completion and goodness was his design, that through the Jewish people’s service, this would bring a higher completion to the world (as it was when it was just made.)

The service the Jew does, is reveal Godliness, which is done though joy.

However, simultaneously it says, “Serve God with trembling” – but this verse itself concludes “And rejoice with trembling.”

So there must be joy, however if the joy is what we are conscious of, this can cause haughtiness (or a sense of self-importance) and there are negatives that come from this.

And therefore, we must serve God with fear, and rejoice in trembling, for through this, there will be a humble joy – in other words, the joy is simultaneous to, or because of the humility.

  • The explanation of The Zohar – that when Chava came to the world, the dark force sought her and managed to attach itself, when Noach came – “he planted a vineyard and got drunk” – but when Sarah came, it couldn’t (get her) so it abandoned (it’s plan.)
  1. They wanted to create joy, as it says, Chava took from a cluster of grapes and poured for Adam, however as her emotions were conscious (ego-connected) it worked not.

    b. So Noach tried to rectify this, but he got drunk, which though one feels self not, but it’s not because one is humble, but confused.

    c. Sarah comes from the word Serara / Lordship, and she was a queen – she embodies the spirit of Malchus – now while Malchus descends into Biyah (spiritual energies that create) nonetheless, as it does so with an intention… the joy and the humility are perfectly balanced.

  2. When Moshiach comes, our joy will be infinitely greater than our current – through as we know, everything of the future is built on the present – this is why Sara, whose ability to manifest joy was great, named her son Yitzchok (laughter.)

  3. To explain how humility and joy work together, as seemingly they are opposites.

It is known, humility doesn’t mean low self-esteem – on the contrary, everyone must know their qualities, in fact even a “bad” Jew is filled with Mitzvos like the pomegranate fills her seed – nonetheless, the Jew attributes not their success to themselves, rather to God.

In fact, from humility, one realizes, not only, had another been given my lot (talents etc.) they would be the same (which is obvious) furthermore, they would have expressed these gifts greater.

As such when a person is humble, the joy that comes from them, is likewise.

  • The ultimate level which comes from beyond all, (hence can unify all) we can both sense the joy and be humble.

  • And through serving God with great joy – a joy that comes from humility – hence the negative comes not from it (ego etc.) through this we merit all.

  • Similarly, the Rebbe Rashab (the Mamer was said in honor of his birthday) as the Zohar states by Moshe – just as previously he stood and served, so too now – he draws blessings for all the Chassidim ( and connects them to God – of-course all Jews.)

  • This joy certainly will bring Moshiach – as we know, joy penetrates all boundaries – and we know that King David Moshaich, danced as a commoner, for as his joy stemmed from his humility, there was no issue.
  1. So we must have exquisite joy in doing a Mitzvah, which will certainly herald in Moshiach – all the Rebbes, as we know first will be Techiyas Hamaisim and among them the Rebbe, Moshaich now!

Rebbe – Mammer Chayai Sarah – Chof Chesvan (5746)

Visha Achas

  1. The soul cries to God – as it descended from the highest heights of Divine consciousness, to the lowest depths – that not only has she lost her love and passion for God, but furthermore her body (animal-soul) have stolen her (heart,) and use, whatever emotions she has, for stupid, foolish, narcissistic pursuits. Answers the prophet (Elisha) “Worry not, all you need to do, is study Torah and do Mitzvos! for the light of God from these lamps will shine and enlighten you – furthermore, once you realize you are an empty vessel… devoid of content, of any higher reality; this broken-heartedness will allow your innate Divine soul to shine!”

  2. Now the latter meditation – namely, “You realize, you are an empty vessel devoid of content – of any higher reality; this broken-heartedness will allow your innate Divine soul to shine” – is even greater than the former (that Torah Study and Mitvos will bring Divine light) for when one creates Teshuvah – a desire for Godliness (which comes from the broken-heartedness) this means, that one touches the essence of God (the darkness, higher than light – that can shine in any place.)

  3. In fact, this level (of manifesting Divinity through humility) draws down an even higher light (than through Torah and Mitzvos -as we know, the location of a Baal Teshuvah, is even greater than a complete Tzaddik.)

  4. One may ask, how can the infinite light of God descend onto the Jew (contained in such a tiny finite being) and the answer is, as the Jewish soul comes from God, therefore it contains – and can contain all.

  5. From above, all is given (to the Jew.)

  6. There are infinite dimensions to the Torah – so the Torah that was revealed – of-course, is on the lowest dimensions (so it can come to us – yet it contains – in potential – even the highest.)
  7. Similarly, when it comes to Teshuvah (turning to God,) on a lower level, this may seem difficult; but because, our essence is one with God, it’s instantaneous.

  8. When God gave the Torah He said, “I am God your Lord,” in other words, through Teshuva He empowers that He shall be your personal God (guide.)

  9. When Moshiach comes – our bodies will receive from God infinity, which will then in fact give to our souls.