Mamer – alter rebbe – Chayei sara


We need to understand the idea of food – so food which is inanimate, begins in a very high source, which is why it has the ability to feed us below – however it’s shattered from its source and came into the physical and therefore it has Kelipa, which is the attraction – the Lust; and goal is that we take the energy from the food and we use it for the study of Torah, prayer Etc. and this transforms this material into spiritual – now on Shabbos, which is a holy day we can truly just enjoy the food, as on that day, the source of the food above, goes to a higher dimension, and on Yom Tov, when it’s not as high, therefore, we need to be joyous, because Joy – which the nature of joy, as we are happy – we want everyone to be happy! creates the elimination of negativity.


The spirit obviously is both infinite and undefinable – so just as the soul permeates and gives life to the body, but it itself is beyond and unlimited – similarly the Divine revelation.

The soul begins literally in God, but like the “seed” of the seed (semen) which begins as a spirit, within the father’s brain, but then travels down through the spine and becomes physical within the organ – similarly below, we have independent consciousness – now when we do a Miztvah, we provide, like a garment (clothing ) for our soul, and when we get to heaven, this clothing (like looking at the sun through filters) allows us to experience, the infinite Divine radiance.

We know that love and fear of God, are not Mitzvos per-se, rather, like the wings that elevate the Mitzvos – the meaning – when we read Shema, we should have the meditation, that obviously simultaneously two realities occur – the first is that the Divine radiance (say your soul) which inhabits myself (and everything) is unlimited, yet it also appears in a limited (soul by soul, for each body) fashion – in other words, at this very moment my soul (in its limited form) is actually truly unlimited – when a person understands this, they will desire to only wish to cleave to their source – and following this meditation, we study Torah, for when we study Torah – this causes our soul beyond, to study Torah (higher and higher still) and God Himself unites.


A person is a composite of everything.


  1. Though when Moshiach comes, we will merit the enjoyment of understanding – the secret, – nonetheless, as anything that can be understood is not God (for it is merely an offshoot, descended, like a ray from the sun) when we DO a Mitzvah, we are acquiring God (and therefore unlike what people think, that emotional attachment to God is greatest, it is in fact action – the emotions are merely the motivations!)
  2. As Torah itself is there merely to mivarer birrurim – to sanctify the good from the evil (which is why it descends into even arguments – how to deal with lies etc.) but ultimately, it is all to bring about the infinite (therefore one who says, “all I have is Torah, even Torah, he has not” – for its intended intent – refining the person and world, isn’t manifesting, under such a mistaken ideology.)

Mamer Rebbe Chayei Sara 5730


1 (2). Just as the physical Earth is planted, is seeded, so too the spiritual heaven, which is refered to also as the Garden of Eden, is planted – and this is what it states, that Adam was placed in Gan Eden to work the ground, in other words, as Rashi says, to do the 248 dos and 365 don’t Mitzvahs – for when we do this -and this is why he was sent from the Garden to plant the world…. we imbue spirituality.

2. (3) When Divinity descends, this transforms us.

3 (6.) Through doing Mitzvos, we draw down the essence of God.

7. When Moshiach comes, the infinite light brought down through the Mitzvos, will be revealed.

8. Of-course the entire world was created for the Jewish people on Earth, in other words, the purpose of Earth, and the Jewish people, and the Torah and Mitzvahs, is that we should be able to create that this world, as we are normal people below, is a receptacle for the Divine.

9. This is what the verse says, that “These are the years of Sarah”, 127, that all her years were equal -in other words, she manifested the Divine below, which ultimately brings about that all things are beautiful and good.


Rebbe mamer Chayei Sara

Vavraham –

1. And God blessed Abraham Bakoil – says the Zohar – Bakoil – refers to the location from where all blessings emanate.

A source of infinity.

2. It states, that in order to get the level of infinity, one must go through tests, which is why Abraham received this after his test, and likewise to receive the essence of God, cannot come from a rational place, but rather from when one transcends rationality.

3. When the essence of God comes – it’s an infinite river that can for into infinite tributories.

4. The notion of a test is, that it takes effort, so also Teshuvah comes only through effort, which brings true Mitzvahs, which includes spreading, with great effort, to reach every Jew, to teach them about the secrets of the Torah, and then this brings Moshiach which is the revelation of the essence of God.


Rebbe Chayei Sara – 5749

1. As is well-known, the Alter Rebbe said, “you have to live with the Parsha of the week,” and the Kinus Hashluchim, is taking place, at this Parsha is this week, so there is a lesson.

2. This week’s Parsha has the story of how Avrohom sent Eliezer, to find a wife for his son.

3. The mission which was to find a wife for Yitzchok represents the idea of the soul and the body merging, which is the goal, that the soul should lead the body, and in fact they should become one.

3a The ultimate goal of course, is that we use our body for God’s Will, and thereby elevate the world.

4. God has sent each Soul as His personal messenger to fix the world.

5. The idea that this world is a dwelling for God is as follows:

A. The meaning of a dwelling for God below is that even though this world on its own is on a level of being below, in other words, Godliness is not revealed, unlike the higher worlds, nonetheless, we create a novelty, that God should shine here, to the extent, like a person who is comfortable in his own home – for there a person completely reveals themselves, without limitation – this is how this world must be God’s home.

B. This explains why the dwelling for God occurs through his emissaries, for if it occurred just through a massive Divine radiation, it would not get internalized – in order for this reality to become one which is accepted internally, it has to come through people, in their own dimension.

C. For this reason the Shliach has the ability, to create that the world around him, should transform to holiness.

D. This is in fact greater than the creation of the world, for we are innovating something even greater.

E. This is greater than the Creation, because creation took nothing, made it into something – we are taking something and transforming it into nothing.

F. Furthermore, not only do we go to create from something nothing, but create from something, that is created, to be the Original SOURCE.

G. Ironically, specifically when the soul is below, that is when it manifests itself as pure Divinity.

H. In fact, the soul reaches a level that it is beyond even the spiritual.

I. This is what Adam, the first shliach of Hashem did, namely, that he gathered all the animals and said, “Come let us bow to God the Lord.”

J. This is the ultimate goal, whereby the whole world will serve God jointly, individually, with unity forever.

6. Among those fulfilling God’s will are those chosen by Divine Providence to be engaged in this continuously, and the message to them is, that one must firstly let all know that they are messengers of God, and secondly to be a messenger of God, means to rid oneself of one’s ego and individuality, and subsequently allow for the pure Divine soul to be one’s identity.

7. From the above we have an unbelievable lesson, the mission of every Shliach, namely that as long as there is any separate identity to God, we have what to do, and even though the world is much more humbler and better than before – but certainly, every time we are humble for God, we have created the purpose of the world – additionally considering that every second the world is recreated, hence there is a great ability every moment.

8. In order for Yitzchok to be able to fulfill his mission, he had to first have the sacrifice of the Akeida and the lesson to each of us – for us to fulfill our Divine destiny we first have to have sacrifice, which means giving up our desires for the desire of Hashem.

9. The Kinus Hashluchim is a time when Shluchim get together and strengthen one another – and make joint resolutions, and because this is an International convention, with Rabbis representing literally the whole world, therefore, their power, has the ability to affect the entire world.

10. Every Shliach when they go back to the location, must make an “international Shluchim convention,” gathering all Jews and explain to them, that they are Shluchim of Hashem.

11. And in order to add into the success of all this, the Shluchim all should go to the cemetery of the Previous Rebbe, and there read a general Pan, with the signature of all the Shluchim in it and put it on the graveside, as is customary, and this will give more power, and God with an open and outstretched arm well give all things for fulfilling their Shlichus which is to reveal God in his place, in the world, with abundance, health and nachas.

12. And collectively create that Hashem Himself becomes a Shliach and they unified in a single oneness, bringing about infinite blessings!


Rebbe – Mamer – Chayei Sara -5738

1. Vavraham

1. “And Abraham was old coming in days” so the Zohar says this means that all his days were completed with Torah, Mitzvahs, goodness and kindness, and we must ensure that all our days are complete days.

2. In order for the soul to receive the Divine Light above, It must have Torah and Mitzvos – this is like clothing, for the Divine radiance is so great that without clothing it cannot be incorporated.

3. Being that we are in this world even the Torah and Mitzvos we do is also tainted, and therefore it takes angels that polish these Mitzvahs and bring them to God.

4. In order to ascend to heaven, we first must completely forget, even from Heaven to heaven -, the entire perception of our human previous reality.

5. Through prayer all of our Torah and Mitzvahs elevate to God.

6. One can ask a question, why is it so important to have everyday mitzvahs – for example, you could make up with Charity on another day, but the answer is, because the whole point is to rectify the world and the most important aspect of the world is time.


Mamer Rebbe Vihui Chaye Sara 5751

Vihui 5751

  1. When we do a complete service to Hashem, with our mind, heart and action, we draw down God.

  2. We also draw down the Divine wisdom, which then influence our thoughts, emotions, hence behavior.

  3. The purpose of Avodah is to draw God on earth – this is similar to what we do when we make a Brocho – for the goal is a. that God should be our personal God and b. that when Jews do this, it also permeates to the gentiles – so the Avodah is, we draw God into our minds and emotions.

  4. When Hashem comes down, as we know, when the higher comes to the lower, the lower receives the qualities (of the higher ) – the Avodah of drawing God down, when are soul/sole desire is for God, creates that this completely imbues us.

  5. When we serve God in this way – then it draws down Him (which draws down all good.)

  6. Moshiach is completely ready to come – the Previous Rebbe said, that we have even polished our buttons!