Charity, A Jewish View

A Roman Emperor who set up hostels for itinerant (visitors) took his model from the Jews – I forget the exact quote, but something – “We need to emulate the Jews in, who hamlets no stranger is unfed.”

Effectively charity, is not something we do – it’s who we are.

In other words – we all know that God commanded seven universal laws – six were given to Adam, one to Noah, and they were canonized, part of the Rabbinical tradition.

These are:

1. Do not worship idols

2. Do not curse God

3. Do not murder

4. No not steal

5. Do not commit adultery

6. Do not eat an animal while it is alive

7. Create a justice system

Additionally, the imperative to honor your parents and DO Good and Kindness.

Interestingly, the definition of goodness and kindness is whatever you see – for in actual fact, when God shows you a problem, it’s so you should take care of it.

Finally, when one can afford – in the Jewish religion, we are instructed to give 10% (interestingly, there is a hierarchy – family first – then the poor of one’s city (I don’t recall exactly, but somewhere high on the list is giving to poor Torah scholars) the poor in Israel.

Those who are pious, give 20% or everything.

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