Charity, A Jewish View

A Roman Emperor who set up hostels for itinerant (visitors) took his model from the Jews – I forget the exact quote, but something – “We need to emulate the Jews in, who hamlets no stranger is unfed.”

Effectively charity, is not something we do – it’s who we are.

In other words – we all know that God commanded seven universal laws – six were given to Adam, one to Noah, and they were canonized, part of the Rabbinical tradition.

These are:

1. Do not worship idols

2. Do not curse God

3. Do not murder

4. No not steal

5. Do not commit adultery

6. Do not eat an animal while it is alive

7. Create a justice system

Additionally, the imperative to honor your parents and DO Good and Kindness.

Interestingly, the definition of goodness and kindness is whatever you see – for in actual fact, when God shows you a problem, it’s so you should take care of it.

Finally, when one can afford – in the Jewish religion, we are instructed to give 10% (interestingly, there is a hierarchy – family first – then the poor of one’s city (I don’t recall exactly, but somewhere high on the list is giving to poor Torah scholars) the poor in Israel.

Those who are pious, give 20% or everything.


Rebbe – Chayei Sara – 5750

1. The Kinus Hashluchim which is happening this week, is connected to the Parsha of Chayei Sara, for there, the first mission, which is Eliezer finding a wife for Yitzchok happens.

2. We have to understand why the Torah speaks at such Great lengths about this mission, furthermore the fact that Avrohom gave Eliezer everything in order to accomplish it.

3. Firstly, the mission which was to send Eliezer to find a wife, is practically the source of the entire Jewish people – as well as it represents the essence of the mission, which is dwelling below.

4. Purpose of God dwelling below is not to reveal Godliness, like a magic show, which momentarily creates amazement – but doesn’t have any lasting transformative effect – rather, that within the individual’s own mind and heart, Godliness should intimately, infinitely, upgradingly, enter.

5. The idea of being a Shliach and every Jew is a messenger from God to fulfill his will, and transform the world encompasses two opposite trends – on one hand, one has to understand, that all of one’s abilities, and the mission itself, comes from God, and the other hand, one has to take pleasure in and understand that God wants us to use our own minds, on the implementation of his plan.

6. Even though this Parsha is called the life of Sarah, when it speaks about her passing, this is because, we truly know someone is alive, when their ideals pass on.

7. Our goal is to manifest in this world, a reality that we a. combine all of our emotions and deeds, manifesting how God is one throughout.

8. The ultimate goal of Shlichus, is where one is so identified with their soul, that it permeates like Sarah, all aspects of their consciousness.

9. As we know from the Rambam, that through fulfilling our mission, we can redeem the entire world.

10. The goal is to have children, which includes spiritual children, for we must encourage all, Jews and Gentiles, bringing them closer to God.

11. The lesson from the Kinnus is, that we have to increase in the love and the unity of the Jewish people, and practically wherever the Shluchim go, to increase observance by Jews of the 613 Mitzvot, by Gentiles of the seven Noahide mitzvah.

12. Practical directives are, that we need to increase in the gatherings of learning Torah publicly, and as mentioned, to bring about Unity, we should all learn one thing in common, which includes those that study the rambam and


Three things are obvious, first of all we are not real, the most you can say about us, is that we have Opinions – the second thing is that as quantum physics proves, the world is not real, the most you can say about it, is it’s Divine consciousness – and finally what is real, is the fact that God has so much love for us, that not only did He make us, He allows us to become Him, or more precisely, He allows Himself to become US