Rebbe – Chayei Sara 5751

1. Every story in the Torah, is actually a archetype – particularly the stories that relate to our ancestors – it’s teaching us how each one of us should behave.

2. The reason this Parsha is called the life of Sara, because in fact, it was the feminine ability to manifest Divinity, which allowed for firstly the Divinity of Abraham and hence the Jewish people to manifest, and when Sara passed on, this incredible manifestation of Divinity below was permanently within our dimension.

3. Our sages say, that all of Sara’s years were equal in goodness, which indicates, because she was good, so she brought her goodness – essence of her soul which comes from the essence of God, which is only goodness – into all aspects of every moment of her life.

4. The Kabbalah says, that the hundred years of Sarah, relate to the hundred blessings – for every day we are meant to say 100 blessings – which help us remember to have love, awe and fear of God, which comes from the essence of our soul.

5. The idea of saying blessings is, firstly we draw down God within us, as the word Brocho means, to draw down – but then we say that He is the God of the world, for through seeing someone making a blessing, and praising God, this spreads, to the honor of God worldwide.

6. The idea of saying a hundred blessings, applies even to children, for we educate them not only on saying the blessings, which becomes hopefully habitual, but on the content, that God is the ruler and provider – and when we say our blessings in this way, we retroactively affect all the days of our lives.

9. The education of a Jewish child begins from the earliest age, even from when he’s first born, when people gather around and praise God for him – so he’s manifesting Divine Light – and the child should be taught to love and fear God, and this will permeate every aspect of his life, to the extent that when you look at a child, you look at the Father; the only difference is the beard!

10. The education of a child we can also see from the Rebbe Rashab, whose birthday is Chof Cheshvan and he created Yeshivas Tomchei Temmimim, which the goal is, to study Chassidus, in order to permeate the students with the love and fear of God.

11. This is also the reason for the publishing of Kuntes Eitz Chayim of the Rebbe Rashab, in which he extols the great virtues of Love and fear of God, which he made specifically for the students to study.

12. This of-course is further emphasized, as we’re standing right before the coming of Moshiach, especially as the famous Yalkut Shimoini teaches, that when you see Nations, especially the Arab Nations squabbling – it is a sign that Moshiach is coming – and Moshiach stands, and he is standing, as we’ve announced many times, on the roof of the Beis Hamikdash and announces, “Humble ones, the time for your Redemption has arrived!”


As Kabbalah and the east clarify, each and everyone of us have simultaneously 3 operating systems – which are from lowest to highest, the ego, the need to feel great, even superior, and the tremendous emotional pain of feeling low and lower than others – which also creates what’s called narcissistic disorder, based on narcissistic wounding, which is a fancy way of saying we begin to delusionally imagine we are awesome, because it allows us to overcome the fear of criticism and shame – we also have the heart, which has emotions, and all the emotions boil down to, that which makes me feel good versus that which makes me feel bad – in us is also the emotion of compassion, however compassion has to contend – like a soup, that each flavor is obviously affected by every other flavor – with the other emotions – hence the person in lust or in fear – is not able to feel compassion,, ultimately the highest part of the human, where God resides within us – is within our mind, which has the ability to see objective truth