Rebbe – Mammer Chayai Sarah – Chof Chesvan (5746)

Visha Achas

  1. The soul cries to God – as it descended from the highest heights of Divine consciousness, to the lowest depths – and not only has she lost her love and passion for God, but furthermore her body (animal-soul) have stolen her (heart,) and use, whatever emotions she has, for stupid, foolish, narcissistic pursuits – answers the prophet (Elisha) “Worry not, all you need to do, is study Torah and do Mitzvos! for the light of God from these lamps will shine and enlighten you – furthermore, once you realize you are an empty vessel… devoid of content, of any higher reality; this brokenheartedness will allow your innate Divine soul to shine!”
  2. Now the latter meditation – namely, “you realize you are an empty vessel devoid of content – of any higher reality; this brokenheartedness will allow your innate Divine soul to shine” – is even greater than the former (that Torah Study and Mitvos will bring Divine light) for when one creates Teshuvah – a desire for Godliness (which comes from the brokenheartedness) this means that one touches the essence of God (the darkness, higher than light – that can shine in any place.)
  3. In fact, this level (of manifesting Divinity through humility) draws down an even higher light (than through Torah and Mitzvos -as we know, the location of a Baal Teshuvah, is even greater than a complete Tzaddik.)
  4. One may ask, how can the infinite light of God descend onto the Jew (contained in such a tiny finite being) and the answer is, as the Jewish soul comes from God, therefore it contains – and can contain all.
  5. From above, all is given (to the Jew.)
  6. There are infinite dimensions to the Torah – so the Torah that was revealed – of-course, is on the lowest dimensions (so it can come to us – yet it contains – in potential – even the highest.)
  7. Similarly when it comes to Teshuvah (turning to God,) on a lower level, this may seem difficult; but because, our essence is one with God, it’s instantaneous.
  8. When God gave the Torah He sai,d “I am God your Lord,” in other words, through Teshuva He empowers, that He shall be your personal God (guide.)
  9. When Moshiach comes – our bodies will receive from God infinity, which will then in fact give to our souls.

Never forget – because the only reality to ego is delusions of grandeur – and because we all have a desire for it, and because they themselves are unaware that they are in a delusional State – because all addictions deny the addiction until the desire to change occurs – which is almost impossible with delusions of grandeur – and therefore we become attracted to people who literally have nothing but delusions