Rebbe – Vayeira – quotes 5751

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Rebbe – Vayeira – quotes 5751

1. There is a well known story that the Rebbe Rashab came to his grandfather, the Tzemach Tzeddek, on parshas Vayiera, and he cried and he said – “Why is it that God appear to Abraham, and he doesn’t appear to us?” and the Tzemach Tzeddek replied, because when a Jew of 99 years old has a bris, he deserves for a Hashem, to appear to him.

2. This story is a fundamental story which encapsulates the mission of the Rebbe Rashab, and relates to each and everyone of us.

3. Chassidus in general, is a teaching, whereby we take Divine wisdom and inspiration, and through deep contemplation, meditation and understanding, we transform our emotions, as we know that the intellect of the Daas influences our primary emotions of Ahava and Yirah to love and fear, and the Rebbe Rashab was called the Rambam of Chassidus, because not only does he explain in great detail like the Rambam, he also comes down to bottom line.

4. One of the hallmarks of the Rebbe Rashab, was he founded Tomchei Temmimim, where Chassidus is studied like Nigle, in great depth; and the students would discuss it between themselves, and in general this is the way we come to clarity – and then the permeation of Chassidus within them imbued them and through them, the entire world – transforming the world! Especially as the name of the Yeshiva, Tomchei Temmimim, which comes from when the Rebbe Rashab announced it, in Simchas Torah, on the verse Tomeich Temmimim Hoshia Na that “God shall assist the pure” and therefore, they go with assistance of Hashem to bring Moshiach.

5. The story with the Rebbe Rashab crying at a young age, for the revelation of Hashem, is in general the idea of Judaism – especially Torah, which is to reveal Hashem, for when we study Torah, we are connecting directly to the mind of Hashem, this is especially in Chassidus which is the inner dimension, such as the inner mind and will of God.

6. The story of the Rebbe Rashab at a young age crying, to see Hashem – shows us, that each one of us, no matter how little we know, should be crying and desiring and deserving of, that Hashem should appear to him, and guide him in his life.

7. Furthermore the idea of desiring God, is Not only to lead us to doing Torah, but in fact is the goal! similar to the idea that the Torah was given specifically to those who eat Manna, because a person has to have tranquility, to be able to live continuously with Hashem.

8. The revelation of the Rebbe Rashab’s Chassidus of-course increases on his birthday, and this increases, even after he passes on – as a story, that the Fridikeh Rebbe said, that on the birthday of his father, the Rebbe Rashab, that he had a dream, and he saw the Rebbe Rashab and his face was shining and he said that the previous Rebbes came to him and they all conveyed a Mamer on his new Kapital (we say a new Kapital Tehhilim.)

9. The practical lesson is that we must continuously desire the revelation of God, and that no matter how much we’ve studied, this should be the raisom detr’e that motivates all of our study, and this includes helping others, especially children, who are innately predisposed to spirituality, reach This goal.

10. This Chof Cheshvan, we will please God merit to hear Chassidus, from the Rebbes, but not only as they say it in heaven, for Moshiach will be here, their souls will return to their bodies, and we will all be in the Beis Hamikdash celebrating with the Rebbe Rashab and as is known, that when a Rebbe says a Mamer as Reb Hillel Paritcher said, it’s exactly the voice of God, breaking through the Netherworld – the voice of God at Mount Sinai, a voice which transcends limitations.