We must thank God! Do you know what it means, over 200 rockets with a single goal, killing Jews, and not one death!! – if you also read the story below, you’ll see a direct miracle – thank you for protecting us!!!!! – as it says, “The Eyes Of The God, Our Lord, Are Upon The Land, From The Beginning, To The End!” – May He Soon Bring The Miracle That Will Make All Miracles LOOk, As If They Were A simple breeze



Rebbe – Vayiera – quotes (5749)

  1. The Parsha begins that Hashem appeared to Avrohom – what’s the lesson for us today, for that happened app, close to 4,000 years ago?!
  2. Although of-course we learn, the Mitzvah of visiting the sick (which God did) as well as the Mitzvah of Hachnasas Oirchin (hosting guests – for Abraham put God on “hold…” so he could attend to his guests ) nonetheless, as the main revelation was for Abraham, there must be some sort of ongoing lesson…
  3. There are two types of signs – there is a sign which “indicates” and a sign which “creates” – for example, if someone loses an object, the color of the object may be used to prove who is the owner – however the color doesn’t make him the owner – then there are signs, that create the object – for example, the sign of a Jew (and Judaism) is compassion, humility, and kindness (and if these signs are missing, there is a part of the Jew/Judaism, that is missing – so God appearing to Abraham is what creates and is integral to him and every Jew.
  4. God appearing to Avrohom, was in merit of his Hachnasas Oirchim (inviting and relishing the opportunity to host guests) as such, we must emulate Avrohom Avinu to rush, to seek, to find, to host guests! to do so with great joy, giving them the best foods (as he did – 3 tonges in mustard) and in the merit of this Mitzvah (and in general: kindness) we merit that Hashem will reveal Himself to us.
  5. If this applies, to feeding and helping others, how much more so, do we earn a revelation of God, when we feed and help their soul (through teaching them about Torah, Mitzvos and Chassidus;) and while in the previous instance, as we help another, we deserve God’s help; In this instance, because our assistance is bringing God to them, we directly deserve that God should come to us.
  6. In simple practical words – we must like Avrohom, seek out the many starving Jews – as the prophecy says, “I shall send a hunger, not for bread or water, but for the word of Hashem!” – and as the Rambam says, “a Jew (as a wise nation) lacking the study of Torah – his life, is like a death;” – hence we are talking, literally about saving lives – and we need to involve them in Torah and Mitzvos.
  7. Reaching out to our fellow Jews, is the call of the hour (as we know, every generation has a mission) and the Previous Rebbe contiously calls upon us to do this – and this is something that each and every person must do! – even if a person says, “What do I know?” (he can learn!) – We can take a lesson from Avrohom Avinu, that though he was 99 years old, he had just made a Bris (was in pain…) and had already reached tens of thousands of people! he waited at the entrance of his tent, just to see if he could bring another person closer!
  8. This week’s Parsha concludes with the mesirus-nefesh, the willingness to have self-sacrifice for the word (revelation) of God – and the lesson is, that for the sake of reaching our fellow Jews, we must – in good health etc. – have complete dedication and Mesirus Nefesh.
  9. So people may wonder – where is the Divine revelation (for spreading Torah, Mitzvos and Chassidus. )?
    a. The fact that one doesn’t see – means not, that God isn’t here.
    b. Though you may not see, your soul above does, which affects you below.
    c. The main thing is, every good deed hastens the coming of Moshiach when – as we saw God, by Matan Torah – we will, literally see God.

  10. All of this is especially emphasized, as we are (this Monday) going to celebrate the 127th (+1) birthday of the Rebbe Rashab – and we know birthday, is a day, that the Tzaddik’s energy increases – hence we must make resolutions, to increase our Torah study, and Mitzvah performance.
  11. During the Rebbe Rashab’s birthday, we should participate in these activities – within the walls (environment – building) of Tomchie Temimim (which was one of the great things he established) for when one is physically in an area, this has a far greater permanent impact.
  12. Practically speaking, we should gather together – either in a Tomchie Temimim Yeshiva, or something similar (like a Chabad House etc.) and jointly fulfill, an addition in Torah, Avodah and Gemulus Chassadim – especially we should read the Tehhilim of the Birthday of the Rebbe Rashab – and we should study the Mamer Heichaltzu – we should also encourage others (for it is the Mitzvah of Ahavas Yisroel) to join.
  13. As we are mentioning about Tomchei Temimim – we should encourage all, to build their own homes and build Yeshivois, and Chabad House and schools – and may this be the final push that will immediately bring Moshiach!