How To Be Positive – How To Be Negative – Tried, Tested, Proven Results

How To Be Positive How To Be Negative
Close your eyes – imagine that there is complete void and darkness – there is but a single flame – and the flame said “I wish to give birth” – and the flame made many flames – now remember each of us, each soul in a body, is part of the whole Every morning – particularly, the first thing! as the first thing you do influences your train of thoughts – read the news : (
Because if you – as University of California studies prove – are grateful for your blessings – you induce happiness and hope, and because as Kabbalah teaches, the first thought we have every morning influences our entire train of thoughts (for the day) When you wake up – as soon as possible, think at least five gratitudes (if you are not sure if you have anything that you would miss – ask yourself, if there is anything – how about say your eyes, hands, legs, teeth, smell/taste- you would miss? which you have been given by God for free – if you think more things, you increase your joy : ) Never forgive – you see a study was conducted – people were asked to forgive… – the simple act of forgiving lowered peoples’ blood pressure by 30%!!
Because we are fundamentally souls – we seek a beautiful harmonious, peaceful, loving, kind, generous world! – to the extent that we are loving, harmonious, kind, generous, peaceful, is the extent that we can love ourselves – so every morning say, “I will be kind, harmonious, loving, generous, to everyone. Feel sorry for yourself
  Believe that Moshiach – the long awaited Divinely promised – already begun – messianic redemption – as God foretold, the Jews would go into exile and return to Israel (the only nation in human history to return to their ancesterol homeland, after a two thousand year exile) and furthermore, there is a third Temple in the sky that will descend – the dead will be resurrected – a Roman Emperor once asked the Rabbis, how this is possible – “If God can take those without any skeleton and create a skeleton, bones, flesh and imbue it with life! how much more so, that which already had life – there is a little bone called the luz bone (in the nape of the neck) which is indestructible – they took an anvil etc, to it (as survivors of the crematoriums said, there was always this little bone) but it couldn’t be destroyed” – now that we understand, DNA, the sages response that “God will cause it to become like dough, and from there recreate the skin, and bones,” is very understandable – HopeAlso as negative occurrence can tarnish our perspective – as the Baal Shem Tov teaches, if you see the good in the bad, the bad will become a source of good !  

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