How To Be Positive – How To Be Negative – Tried, Tested, Proven Results

How To Be Positive How To Be Negative
Close your eyes – imagine that there is complete void and darkness – there is but a single flame – and the flame said “I wish to give birth” – and the flame made many flames – now remember each of us, each soul in a body, is part of the whole Every morning – particularly, the first thing! as the first thing you do influences your train of thoughts – read the news : (
Because if you – as University of California studies prove – are grateful for your blessings – you induce happiness and hope, and because as Kabbalah teaches, the first thought we have every morning influences our entire train of thoughts (for the day) When you wake up – as soon as possible, think at least five gratitudes (if you are not sure if you have anything that you would miss – ask yourself, if there is anything – how about say your eyes, hands, legs, teeth, smell/taste- you would miss? which you have been given by God for free – if you think more things, you increase your joy : ) Never forgive – you see a study was conducted – people were asked to forgive… – the simple act of forgiving lowered peoples’ blood pressure by 30%!!
Because we are fundamentally souls – we seek a beautiful harmonious, peaceful, loving, kind, generous world! – to the extent that we are loving, harmonious, kind, generous, peaceful, is the extent that we can love ourselves – so every morning say, “I will be kind, harmonious, loving, generous, to everyone. Feel sorry for yourself
  Believe that Moshiach – the long awaited Divinely promised – already begun – messianic redemption – as God foretold, the Jews would go into exile and return to Israel (the only nation in human history to return to their ancesterol homeland, after a two thousand year exile) and furthermore, there is a third Temple in the sky that will descend – the dead will be resurrected – a Roman Emperor once asked the Rabbis, how this is possible – “If God can take those without any skeleton and create a skeleton, bones, flesh and imbue it with life! how much more so, that which already had life – there is a little bone called the luz bone (in the nape of the neck) which is indestructible – they took an anvil etc, to it (as survivors of the crematoriums said, there was always this little bone) but it couldn’t be destroyed” – now that we understand, DNA, the sages response that “God will cause it to become like dough, and from there recreate the skin, and bones,” is very understandable – HopeAlso as negative occurrence can tarnish our perspective – as the Baal Shem Tov teaches, if you see the good in the bad, the bad will become a source of good !  

If we just understand that our highest potential is humility, in which we see everyone as greater than us and hence seek Unity with them, and have an infinite desire to bestow our love upon them – and the lowest potential is arrogance, in which we seek to dominate everyone and annihilate anyone who does not a. serve our wishes or b. somehow, like in the Wicked Queen in Snow White, makes us look worse, and in between these two: moral and immoral States – is everything else


Rebbe – Vayeira 5752 quotes

1. It’s known that in addition to the fact that all things from the Torah are lessons – for Torah itself means lesson – to every Jew in all locales, in all times, there is something specific we learn from the Torah portion relating to the time that it’s read, and this lesson integrated, then continues throughout the year.

2. There is like the well-known saying, that we have to live with the time… which is the weekly Torah portion – as the Shalah says, that all the festivals are connected to the Torah portions that they occur during.

3. Not only is the Torah portion connected to the time, but it’s also connected to the date – the day of the week, and the day of the month.

4. Specifically this Torah portion Vayeira – we learn about God appearing, and also why it happens on the 18th of Cheshvan, which in addition to its own importance, it is also within 3 days – which in many respects is considered a single entity – to the 20th of Cheshvan, the Birthday of the Rebbe Maharash.

5. To begin to answer, we preface the well-known story that when the Rebbe Rashab was 4 / 5 years old, he went to his grandfather, the Tzemach Tzeddek and he started to cry and he said “Why is it that God appear to Abraham, but he doesn’t appear to us?” And the Tzemach Tzeddek answered, that when a Jew a Tzaddik, at the age of ninety-nine decides, that he has to have a Bris, he deserves that Hashem should appear to him.

6. However we can ask a question: what is the relevance of this story to each of us?

7. We’ll explain this, by prefacing what was so great with the Revelation, that God appeared to him, that occurred through the Mila.

8. It is known, that the Revelation that came to Abraham after the Mila, was infinitely greater than the Revelation, that he received beforehand, in two respects: firstly the level of Godliness that was revealed was from the higher name of God; and second of all, the Godliness descended in a way, that he was able to integrate, it was able to easily integrate in his mind and heart.

9. This is consonant with the Mitzvah of Mila, which has these two extremes: for on one hand, it is greater than all the Mitzvos of the Torah, as we know – all the Mitzvahs, have had three covenants, but the Mitzvah of Mila 13 covenants!! have been made on it! and furthermore, it descends into becoming part of the body – not only that, as we know, after this Abraham was promised the land of Israel, so it affects, the Earth as well.

10. In fact, the very lowest is the only container for the very highest, for this was the goal of God, for as opposed to the light that is revealed in heaven, on Earth, to us, He Himself appears.

11. The Mitzvah of Milah represents the truth, that God literally unifies with the Jewish body.

12. In fact, this Godly cognition is so great, that children automatically sense – we see this clearly (especially by a Jewish child) that they have a special love for their Mezuzah, and they strive often to kiss is – this brings us to the instruction that every room should be a mini Mikdash, by putting there a charity box,  Tehhilim, and Tanya – and through the Mezuzah on the door, the Godliness spreads (as the verse states: “God will protect your coming and going.”)

13. Through the Mila (which applies to woman, as the teaching “women are as if they had mila”) God is present in each of us! — hence we understand the Rebbe Rashab’s cry – “Why doesn’t God reveal Himself to us, as He did to Abraham?” (and the Tzemach Tzeddek replied that – though God truly is within us, to merit to see it, we must be worthy.)

14. So the practical lesson is, that every Jew can merit, and should yearn for, the revelation of God – after all we are Abraham’s descendants – however in order to merit this, we must – like Avraham – increase the holiness of all of our limbs (our body, as he did) including that all the time we spend is permeated with our Divine mission (hence extending this Divinity to ourself, our mission, and hence the universe.)

15. The lesson for each of us – as this Shabbos falls out on the 18th of Cheshvan which represents the life force – this is of-course our Divine soul – that our body and mission should be joyfully permeated with our Divine soul – furthermore, this Shabbos is within three days of the twenteath of Cheshvan which is the birthday of the Rebbe Rashab, and twenty is the word “Crown” which refers to the Divine desire (the highest level – in other words, God’s desire permeates us, and all that we do.)

16. Similar to this, in fact the continuation of this (seeing God) is what will happen when Moshiach comes so in fact this is the great revelation of Moshiach – “eye to eye will you see God!” – and hence just as God is found within every Jew (automatically through the Bris) this messianic revelation is already here – as we know, that a spark of the soul of Moshiach is in each of us – we must do whatever we can to reveal this spark, through living every moment as if Moshiach has already come (and of-course yearning continually for the complete revelation.)

17. This is greatly highlighted, now that we have the holy day of the Rebbe Rashab’s birthday – for as we know, a Tzaddik, even from the youngest age is holy; furthermore his whole life mission came to reveal Godliness – as we know, his teaching of Chassidus, clarified this Godly wisdom (to the extent, the Chassidim called him, the Rambam of Chassidus,) and this is a preparation for the time of Moshiach, when God will reveal “a new Torah from me” – that God will personally teach everyone – to the extent, that no one will need teachers – for all will know/see me.

18. This is especially emphasized in the Rebbe Rashab’s establishment of the Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim who as the soldiers of the House of David, would fight those who try to delay Moshiach and in the third generation, which has already occurred, they will succeed.

19. All of this takes on a greater practically knowing that not only is Moshiach coming but he is here – for as we know in every generation there is someone who is born, who is the potential Moshiach – and if not for negative side factors – he would be instructed to be revealed.