Lech Licha- mamer-Alter Rebbe


1. The whole point of the highest heights and light, is to be revealed within the lowest depth and darkness, within us in this world.

2. In order for this to occur, first Darkness / ego had to be created.

3. Then we need to humble ourselves to the Divine.

4. This is the idea of Mila, to remove the covering, which is the ability for the Tzaddik, or any good Jew, to merge within God.

5. When we eat food, we elevate the Sparks of God that are in it, to its source.

6. This is the secret of the souls descent, like Abraham, going to Kannan, in order to elevate the Sparks.

7. Just as a wise person may find it difficult to explain wisdom, and will have to dig deeper to come up with examples for somebody that may not have the ability to understand; so too, the essence of Divinity, which is in the Torah, cannot be understood, but when we do a Mitzvah, we draw down that Divinity.

8. This is why nothing about Avrohom’s life is mentioned before he was commanded to leave and have a Bris, because only fulfilling God’s commands draws down the infinite light, which is mainly drawn down through our study of Torah.

9. This explains why specifically, after the giving of the Torah do we receive Divinity from the Mitzvahs, as the Mitzvahs of the forefathers, though they were so lofty, holy and sublime, did not permeate this world, for ultimately, the ability to take the infinite, and place it in the finite, can only come from beyond infinity.

10. This is why God can be revealed in the Jews, for our essence is beyond.

11. It is for this reason, that the Jewish people have the ability to elevate the Sparks.


1. The reason we say the shield of Abraham, because Abraham was such a loving person, that even though Yishmoel was evil, but based out of love, he just wanted to give…m, but this creates that evil could exist forever..! and the goal of the world is the Messianic age, when we separate the evil, and therefore God protects from this infinite dimension of love.

2. Only reason evil exists, is that it should be transformed, in other words, the energy, to good.


1. Someone once asked a Rabbi, if God wanted us to be circumcised why did he create us with a foreskin, and he replied, that just like bitter legumes need to be prepared in a way that makes it sweet – everything in the world was a made in a way, that it must be sweetened.

2. If God would radiate just his essential infinite light, then all would be one and therefore everything goes through multiple contractions like darkened windows, in order for the specifics to be created.


1. Unless intellect influences our emotions, emotions because they are not balanced, can cause evil.

2 When God’s word is heard in heaven, all Angels are silent, only after it is silent..

, then do they have great emotional attraction.

3. Shabbos is a Holy day, the weekdays, we refine them from being weak, to special.


Because God is infinite, therefore, his heavenly light is likewise, which is why for it to create, first it has to contract.


The word for Mila is an acronym for the first letters of the verse Mi Yaleh Lonu Hashamayma, ‘who will ascend for us to heaven’ and the last letters of the verse in Hebrew, of-course spell God’s name; so the question is, why is Mila higher than God’s name, and the answer is, just like two friends that create a covenant between one another to remain friends, no matter what!… the essential bond that God has is higher than any Revelation, and Avrohom Avinu waited, till he achieved this essential Bond, and then automatically his heart was circumcised, which is the essence of circumcision.


To understand reality, you have to understand a single dual process, like the double helix of DNA – and that is, that everything has an inner and an outer, and there’s always a force which connects the two – which Chssidus says, must be made up of both – and between the infinite Creator and creation, there are infinite connectors. But ultimately, the goal is that the connection between Creator and creation is direct – but that doesn’t take us out of reality, that just enhances our input


The Maagid, the great teacher, and disciple of the Baal Shem Tov who was the next Chasidic leader, often speaks about the verse which says “like a eagle hovers over its chicks” – simalerly, it occured to me, that the reason Divinity hovers, like it says, that when the world was created – water covered it and the spirit of God was hovering – is because – the state of hovering allows for us to simultaneously be above and within – which is the ultimate goal