So the Headline Screams Jews are Concerned with antisemitism

What if Jews have caused – unwittingly, its growth?

America has been for the large part (certainly in my life – until Obama’s presidency when its ugly head began to rear) a very loving country.

The only way to understand how bad ideas, get into good people is imagine a soup….

You see – every ingredient (whether good or bad) had to be put it.

To Everyone Everywhere

There are conflicting views:

Would you say it makes more sense that marriage means – as it has and had for the past – well, since beginning of time – a man and woman attempting to live in unity, (usually) have children – thereby furthering humanity; or is a marriage two people abnormally (from a biological mechanism) deciding that (notwithstanding that their average “marriage” lasts six months, during which time on average they believe it would cramp their freedom to not simultaneously be engaging in outside “marriage” affairs) – and does not further humanity?

Would you say the definition of a terrorist is, on average a male Muslim, who believes that others are infidels (or kefirs) and when he kills them and dies in the process, he will get to rape 72 virgins in Mohamed’s heavenly brothel, or would that be wrong?

Would you say the definition of a child is a soul of God – beautiful, yearning for truth, meaning, just and purpose; or is it someone to teach that the gender that they are, they aren’t – and as long as they vote democrat – no sin is unforgivable?

Would you say, that current antisemitism, which echos of the horrific holocaust, is founded mainly in the ancestral hate (mainly muslim) Arabs have – leading them, when Israel was declared, to try to God-forbid finish what Hitler started, and after dismally failing twice (to their great shame!) with the help of Russian (KBG) disinformation, a PLO Govt. in exile “trying to help poor Palestinians” hence the need to murder innocent men, woman and children, was unleashed – propaganda fed by decades upon decades of Saudi Arab’s oil, and Russian disinformation experts, which is why most antisemitism stems from Muslims, whether in universities etc.; or is there actually some massive right wing neo-nazi group fueling this left wing hate?

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