Rebbe Toildois Mamorim – quotes

Mayim Rabbim

1. Great waters can never extinguish the love – between God and the Jewish people!

God says, “even if all the nations of the world gather against the Jews, my love for them is unconditional.

If a man will give all his earnings to acquire Torah, then all the booty of the war of God and Magog will be his.”

When all the heavenly kings (representing countries on earth) gather to complain against the Jews – “there is but one nation, and she is low in her merits…”

Then Michoel the defense attorney for the Jews will say – “if she remains strong like a wall, and marries not in the nations (she should be saved.)

And even if she is low in merits, but in the merit of the Torah study of the children whose hearts are pure.”

She is like a little sister, just as parents anger themselves not at a child, as she is young / cute… so too God says, the Jewish people are like my child!

2. There is another explanation on this verse as follows – this verse refers to one’s unquenchable desire for God, and even all the meditations, all the revelations on God’s greatness, even those seen in heaven! cannot quench this thirst.

The only thing that quenches it, is Torah and Mitzvos, for when we do Torah and Mitzvos, though we see it not… God Himself manifests.

3. God says – “you have made me to be one on earth and I will make you one, too.”

In the explanation of “one” there are three:

1. Unique

2. One is to exclude Idolatry

3. The Mitzvah of Divine Singularity (in other words, there is nothing but.)

God watches not only the highest heavens, but even the lowest depths (ameba at the bottom of an ocean…) for the gap between the infinite and the finite (even the highest heaven,,, is infinite!) and hence the infinite being unlimited can simultaneously be beyond and have infinite perception/s.

4. The idea of idolatry, is attributing any power to any being – so though say God uses the sun, but to give the sun honor, when it is literally like an axe in the hand of the wood cutter (in other words, it has no freedom) and similarly all the forces in the world that contribute to a person’s finances, only come from God – hence, one should never bow to these forces (though one may need to do them.) In other words, one’s main intent should be to be able to give charity, educate one’s children, study Torah and do Mitzvos (and not let the means become an end.)

5. When Moshiach comes, even souls like Moses, that continually ascend in heaven, will be resurrected – so it is obvious, that the pleasurable state in the era of resurrection, outweighs even the highest heights of heaven!

For in heaven, is the  reward for the study of Torah (as there, they learn the deeper dimension – as such it states, “fortunate is he who comes here with his Torah.”) But the world to come, is the reward for Mitzvos.

6. Our mission on earth – for the process of Creation, is that God’s pleasure, expressed in the world of Tohu, shattered the sparks, and it fell into physical pleasure/s, so when we use the physical for spiritual, we elevate.

7. A meditation:

“All physical things – their attraction is only because they conceal the Divine intent (for example, the holiness of intimacy etc.) hence, how painful for me to live in such darkness” (this meditation causes  a longing which produces results – as it states, “the level of a Baal Teshuva, a Tzaddik cannot be.”)

8. Doing Mitzvos create wide containers that can contain God (below;) furthermore, when we use the physical for the spiritual, and especially when we don’t elevate the means (of income,) and the test to see if we are using the means to an end (is, if we worry not -as we know our livelihood is from God.)

9. We have no conception of the infinite – the infinite is so great that he can simultaneously create infinite finites (as we see, with the unlimited number of creations.)

10. Because the entire purpose of the world is for the Jewish people, therefore the Mitzvos that God gave them, such as putting on Teffilin, wearing Tzitzis, literally draws upon them the corresponding Divinity (for example, Teffilin relates to intellect etc.)

11. Now even at the end of Galus, when Jews may be lacking, nonetheless, whatever they do with sincerity, is considered infinitely precious to God and hence in this merit, he will bring the Moshiach.

Vayomer Loi Yehoinasas 5745

Through our humility – as a wife is humble, and the union – then we reveal how we and God are truly one. When Moshiach comes, through the renewal of the Jewish people, the world will be renewed.

Rebbe Shabbos Parsahs Toildois – 5727

1 (2) It states that God blessed Yitchok a hundred-fold – when God blesses, it maximizes.

2 (3) The goal of the descent of the Godly soul, is to influence the heart and mind of the animal soul, but in truth (as the animal soul derives from a higher source, Tohu) thereby it elevates the Godly soul.

3 (4) When the Divinity of God descends, it automatically is the right thing.

4 (5) Though emotions are (born) derive from intellect – as we see, that when you think about something, you create (the emotion, or fan it) nevertheless, the source of emotions, transcends intellect (in other words, it comes from a higher source.)

5 (6) Because the source of the animal soul is higher, therefore, it’s emotions effectively have the ability – when directed through the Divine soul, to be more powerful.

6 (7) And this is the infinite blessing, namely, that God Himself descends.


Alter Rebbe – Toildois – quotes


There is Divine revelation from above to below, and human seeking from below to above, and while revelation has its limitation (as it obviously must be according to the capacity of the one seeing) nonetheless, seeking God is unlimited (and likewise touches the unlimitedness of the Divine.)

It is known, that we enjoy things that are opposite, hence the person who is cold wants a hot drink, and the person who is hot, wants to wash his face in cold ( a modern example, when we are in the winter, we turn on the heat; and when in the summer, we make it cold ED.) Avrohom draws down Divinity, Yitzchok receives (or draws up;) Yaakov “marries” the two (this is the great secret – Divine revelation, human ascension and integration.)


Imagine a wellspring, it is an underground source – rivers can stream forth – in Heaven (Gan Eden) they have various rivers (each to their capacity of understanding) but when Moshiach comes, the wellspring itself will be revealed.

The main pleasure we have is in transformation or difference (hence the pleasure men / women, have in each other etc.) now Yitzchok comes from the word laughter, though his name relates to Gevurah (severity or harsh judgement) for though this world is created with the name Elokim, that conceals Godliness, it is for this very reason, when we break through the darkness (our ego) and reveal the light, that the greatest pleasure comes.

It states that Yitzchok had laughter from his wife – the analogy is, that God’s greatest joy is the transformation of our animal, to Divine.

In reward for everything we have done – Torah and Mitzvos till Moshiach, God will reveal infinite.

When Moshaich comes, the infinite – which can come into anywhere (for it has no limitation) will infinitely be here!!


We find that the sefiros are in two orders

Keser – Pleasure – Desire
Chochmah – Creative
Binah – Details
Daas – Integrating
Chessed – Love
Gevurah – Fear
Tifferes – In-between

In this order, the higher level makes the lower.

In the next order:

ContractedKesser –
 Pleasure –
2. Left Brain   Details3. Prefrontal brain   IntegratingRight brain

Fear (which also – as we have innate jealousy – creates Judgmentalism – fascinating subject…)“In-Between”

More like detached observation   Or integrated (the emotion here is not about my reaction rather my action, like compassion.)
Sensitive (or sensitivity)9. In Between

 10. Humility 

We find that daas, receives directly from Kesser.

Effectively both are true, for there is Daas Elyoin (kesser) and Daas Tachtoin (common daas) whereas the former, the Desire impels a reason, and likewise intellect can create an opinion, there is also the reverse (in other words, the Godly soul is first intellect, which creates the corresponding emotion, whereas the animal soul is first emotions and the intellect (like the internet for example) is only to fulfil its desires.)

Similarly, these two dynamics are in the higher spheres, for on one hand (this takes some Kabbalah background) zah is connected directly to atik, yet on the other hand zah can also come from ava.

Now Daas – its function, is to refine emotions – for emotions are a mix of good and evil (for example, someone who prays with great passion, after the prayer that person may be more likely to become angry – and if his passion were only from the Godly soul, this couldn’t occur) in other words, by applying logic to emotions, we correct them.

When we connect to our deepest strongest love of God, this causes that our emotions are according to pure (intent.)

When Moshiach comes, as the infinity of God will be revealed, hence the dead (Jewish) will rise, and furthermore they will be able to live without eating.

Blog To Paraphrase King David, he who made the intellect cannot not know

Blog People who have fame, if it is not based on Divinity – it will dissipate.

Vayomer Loi Yehoinasan

It is from the humility of the Jew, that we create the space for the infinite.

God descends within, to the extent… that the two become one.

How is it, that as Yitzchok was a merkavah (in other words, our forefathers did but God’s instruction) and he wanted to bless Eisav, so the Divinity could transform him (and the great sparks of Divinity in the world) nonetheless, he ended up blessing Yaakov? for the blessing refers (mostly) to the study – nay the effort in the study of Torah (this is refines the sparks.)

Through the humble study and sacrifice for the study of Torah, we merit to reveal God (and Moshiach.)

Reih Reich Bini

Because holiness doesn’t enter kelipah, therefore they see themselves as “god.”

Eisav can be holy but through Yaakov.

Contained both within the stories of the Torah, as well as the details of the Mitzvos, the ability for the infinite to penetrate.


Rebbe Sicha Parshas Toildois 5749

  1. The month of Kislev is replete – it has of-course the miracle of Chanukah with oil, it has the Rosh Hashanah of Chassidus, Yud Tes Kislev – my father (Reb Levik) says, that the month of Kislev corresponds to the third month after exodus (being the third month after Tishrie) in that, was the revelation of the revealed Torah, but in this, was the revelation of the inner.

  2. The world ultimately reaches its perfection when it reveals God’s infinity.

This occurs by birth – for then a finite being, is able to infinitely be.

Furthermore, this occurs through Torah and Mitzvos – especially the study and spreading of Chasssidus.

  • The blessing that Yitzchok gave Yaakov was Torah – the revealed and mainly the concealed.

  • In Chodesh Kislev (on the 10th) we have the Birth and passing of the Mitteleh Rebbe who was known for his expansive erudition on explaining Chassidus – now uniquely, he was born and passed on the same day – this is, as our sages state, “that God completes the days of the righteous” (as by Moshe, his birth and passing, on the same day.)

  • This is also similar to Yitzchok who completed a life of 180 years.

  • This is particularly connected with the completion of the writing of a Sefer Torah this Friday, which was brought to this Synagogue (a Synagogues where Torah and Mitzvos sprout).

  • We find that the Mothers (Sarah, Rivka, Rochel, Leah) were even greater- for Rivkah realized that Yaakov was holy (whereas Eisav fooled his father) furthermore she did all she could, so he could get married – which established the Jewish people – we find that God told Abraham, “everything that Sara says, listen to her” – and so must all Jewish woman – the matriarchs of their homes, behave.

  • The Avos (the forefathers) essentially were very lofty, and hence it was the task of the mothers to ground their spirituality – similarly with the Rebbes.

  • The practical directive is, standing at the beginning of the month of Elul, we must undertake to learn daily Torah of the Fathers of Chassidus, the Baal Shem Tov, the Maagid, and the Alter Rebbe.

  • Additionally we must organize Farbrengens (on the Chassidic holidays) and we must prepare to have a maximum participants.

  • And the main thing is, that Moshiach should come – especially as we know, that it comes in the merit of the righteous women.


Rebbe Toildois 5750 2 Sicha

  1. It is well known, that whenever ten Jews gather, the Divine presence rests – how much more so does the Divine presence come when the gathering is the international Shluchim convention, in which Rabbis from the entire globe, charged with spreading Torah and Mitzvos to the Jews and the Noahide laws, to the gentiles, come together.

This is a great privilege in which God bestows his blessing, and I consider it for myself, to be part of this, a privilege.

  • The goal of God as is well known is a Dirah Bitachtoinim (to dwell within everyone, and that all he created should be used for holy purposes) as such, it is impossible for a single individual to reach the whole world.

  • However this is why God created Shluchim, as they each go to a locale and by reaching their Jews (and gentiles) and each person, they interact with – especially by explaining to them that they are a shliach – a messenger from God to spread the message – hence “friends influence friends” in a domino effect.

Especially as God has recently created means through which a message can be communicated from one end to the other end (of the world.)

  • As the goal is that the entire world – God’s presence should manifest through the seven Noahide laws, which itself the goal is to create a healthy peaceful world, in which the Divine mission of the Jewish people manifesting the Divine, succeed – hence it is not possible for one small nation – rather, particularly through the gentiles.

  • Hence the gathering of the Shluchim from the entire world whom will affect the entire world, is truly a very International convention.

  • The idea of all, is, for God is each and every detail, particularly, as we know everything is a composite of time-space-soul/s – hence the job of the Shliach is first and foremost to reveal to every Jew and Gentile that they are God’s ambassadors – a Jew through doing the 613 mitzvos and a gentile through created a peaceful coexistence through adhering to the seven Noahide laws – in time, we use all times for God; in space, we use all space for God; and in soul, we use all aspects of our soul, such as intellect, emotions, for God.

  • Every single being (in fact, creation) is a messenger of God to fulfil its (particular) mission.

    We know our souls prior to entering this world are charged “Be righteous (good) Not wicked;”

    This relates to our two primary tasks of Doing the Do Mitzvahs, and refraining from the sins.

    In addition, each season, say Chanukah, Yud Tes Kislev, all have their mission.

    In fact, every hour (as we know, every hour, a different one of the twelve combinations of God’s name, gives life) and furthermore, even every moment (as we know, when we get to heaven, they inquire about every moment.)

  • Shlichus in general has two components – the first is the general knowledge that, at all times, in all places, to all people and things, “I am a Divine messenger,” then there is the specific time, place, person etc.

To fulfil the Shlichus properly, one – though when involved in something must be fully present, but also understand, that this present, is not an unrelated isolated event – it is part of the entire whole.

In fact – even if we mess up, as there is the Mitzvah of Teshuvah, when we so do, we retroactively fix the entire past, thus completing the whole.

  • As it’s the nature of an individual to enjoy things that have long term benefits, by contemplating the fact, that not only what we do today effects tomorrow, and not only our entire lives, but furthermore, as to hasten the coming redemption, where we live infinitely…!

  • We help reveal Moshiach, when we reveal our own inner Moshiach.
  • And we dance, in moment – true, but a moment, however fundamentally the most transformative one – into Moshiach!


Rebbe Toildois 5750 sicha

  1. The purpose of the world is to elevate.
  2. As we are the final generation of exile and the first of redemption, therefore we have the special obligation started by the Previous Rebbe to spread the Seven Nohaide laws, and the idea of goodness and kindness to the whole world.
  3. Every single person (in fact even animal, plant, object) is a messenger from God – so first and foremost, we must realize this (we have of-course individual mission/s)
  4. Some wonder that we are continually mentioning Moshiach is coming – it seems, they say, the world is as it was…. – It is quite remarkable they are not paying attention to the miraculous transformation in the world!

Firstly Russia, that was a vicious tyrannical regime went within a short while, from even mentioning anything about it (causing people to be sent to Siberia etc.) to a far more progressive and kind government (and this affects her satellite countries.)

Furthermore, Chine also went through a major transition.

Furthermore India.

Considering that these countries contain the vast majority of humanity – billions of people (so they went from tyranny to (relative) freedom and particularly considering that in the olden days, these events were often accompanied by bloodshed, which took many years, as well disrupting the entire economies, the fact that these transformations happened in relative short periods, and with NO BLOODSHED is truly miraculous.

The reason these events matter (to the Jews) is first and foremost, we must thank God for his great miracles and secondly, as these are signs of the coming of the Moshiach, it adds in our hope, faith and trust.

  • Finally as the verse states “the boundaries of the nations are from God”; it is because of the work of the Shluchim adding to the goodness and kindness of the world, that these transformations have occurred – hence our task is to continually increase our good.