In the beginning there was one and one decided to create unity – and for Unity to exist five things had to occur, firstly independent egos had to be created, which of-course necessitate souls coming into bodies, in a universe in which they perceive not the source but their own existence; Secondly Within these egos, had to be implanted, the heartfelt emotion of love and the joy of unity – but for the ego not to dominate, as we see often happens in marriage, which causes the future divorce – a third element, namely a higher purpose: that each one of us has a unique mission in a cosmic plan, therefore we compliment, and need each other! – had to be given – hence the Torah, the Bible, in which men and women are both obligated to a higher Force, including the fact that both Jews and Gentiles have unique roles in the cosmic mission, and we’re here to help one another – but finally, as the ego could even get involved in that…, there had to be the great sense of “enlightenment,” which erased the notion of the Divine, and in the ensuing meaningless, purposeless, aimless existence, and the need for the human to have a meaningful, purposeful and clear reason for life, the unique seeking of the truth, allowed in infinite Divine wisdom to come in, which this then in turn, creates that humanity as a whole, will all continuously have what to share, but again, because the wisdom is from Beyond, it allows for the ultimate plan of the unity Within – to exist

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