Top 10 reasons why the Palestinian issue has nothing to do with land and everything to do with Islamic terrorism

1. Way before the mass murderer Arafat, told the world he was trying to create Justice 4 A displaced group, he was a terrorist.

As he writes in the book “Arafat – peacemaker or terrorist” by BBC journalist Alan Hart, he was trained by the Nazis, he was part of the foremost terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood and here’s The clincher, he didn’t come from “Palestine,” he came from Egypt.

2. How is it that the Palestinians are actually Arabs, that come from Arabia, as the first article in the PLO charter states that “a Palestinian is an Arab.”

3. The ancient group of Palestinians, we’re all long gone from Israel, like all the other ancient city-states.

The only natives of Israel are the Jews and it was called Palestine only by the Romans in the year 132, after the Bar Kochba revolt, in order to minimize Jewish association – but of course that is well 1,400 years of continuous Jewish presence, as well as kingdoms.

4 The Arabs, meaning Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan amongst others, created the 1948 war in their words to “kill all Jews” – God forbid, before Anybody Invented The Notion of a Palestinian state.

5. The very thought that Jews would return to their ancient Homeland, which to the Muslim Arabs, they – having been banished from there 4,000 years ago, have never lost their shame – was so shameful, that they expelled Jews living in their countries for thousands of years, such as from Egypt.

6. Anyone who knows a rudimentary history, knows, that before Israel became a state, Palestine was ruled by Britain and before that it was ruled for 500 years by the Turks, in fact I don’t believe there was ever a time that the Arabs controlled Palestine, and certainly there was never an ancient Arab tribe harking back to the original Palestinians.

7. The way the myth was fabricated, was through Soviet Russia’s disinformation and the general Ian Pecepa, who fabricated the myth and personally trained Arafat writes about it in his book “Disinformation” -for he defected to the West.

8. The idea of Palestinian refugees is so bizarre that they are the only refugees that for 60 years have been refused rights by the Arab governments that they inhabit, because to the Arabs, as Golda Meir said: their hatred to the Jews, exceeds their love of themselves.

9. The fact is, that the Arab world is sick and tired of the Palestinian issue.

10. Most importantly, it says in the Bible as well as the Quran, that at the end of times the Jews will return to Israel and the Messiah will come – so both Judaism, Christianity and Islam, agree, that the Jews are the rightful “Palestinians.”


As we see empirically, a child, when they are born they are nueteral, they don’t smile – in a couple of months, as they realize that they are loved, which is why God made breastfeed and their eyes literally see only to their mother and they begin to appreciate the love, and love is a reciprocal feeling – as they develop, two things happen, which is number one, love, which is seeing self in another, you know even birds imprint… and understanding that we are like another, then there is also jealousy, and it has become our constant struggle