The Comprehensive Life Management Tool

1. Ask yourself – am I happy?

2. If you answered “no” – ask yourself, am I angry?

3. If you answered yes – ask yourself, why?

4. Ask yourself – Would it be better for me to forgive?

5. If you answered yes – ask yourself, can I?

6. If you answered “no” – realize you are a pathetic squirt – a mere collection of raw meat, blood, bones, that one day will be buried and eaten (ask yourself: Am I still angry? – hopefully the answer is “no” (for anger comes from ego.)

3(a) if you answered to 2 “no” – then ask yourself: do I feel like my life has meaning?

4(a) if you answered “no” – You need to read “How To Discover The Meaning Of Your Life” (appendix in KabbalahLove.org)

2(a) if you answered no – ask yourself, do I feel worried? (fear robs mental tranquility.)

2(b) if you answered that you are worried – take ten very deep breaths, imagine your are on a beautiful island with no one… – on this island only joy, love and peace exist…. – now imagine that God, the Creator of both you and the island seeks your growth, and so every experience that you ever have, are and will go through, will leave your wiser, hence happier 😊😄😂