Mammer Alter Rebbe – Shemini Atzeres

On Shemini Atzeres we receive whatever we will be able to produce in our Torah study throughout the year.

Shemini atzeret we receive what our Avodas Hashem / service of God, spirituality and goodness, will be, throughout the year.

Just as a dance is people coming in and out – forwards and away from each other, and the joy is in the towards – and “the away” is not so bad, because we know, it’s only FOR the towards; simalerly, is there a queue of the times when we are distant from God, for one cannot maintain a continuous high – ratzu vishuv.

In fact this is the structure of the Divine soul, that seems to run to God, yet after prayer we can be right back to pumping sexual fantasies etc. The fact that we can temporarily awaken the Divine Soul, which proves that it is there, but when we leave these thought process…( And stop praying) the G-dly soul reverts back into like slumber and the animal takes over.

Nonetheless, a memory of the Divine soul’s love and awe remain, which helps protect us from sinning and encourages us to do good, during the day.

In a similar fashion, the quintessential Divine love helps us from falling prey to evil lusts.

As mentioned, this love is a fundamental from the very beginning of creation.

Now the main service of man is to fan his inner soul’s love, into a fiery passionate flame.

In other words, though our soul is in darkness – through great effort we create light in the days of man.

Now, the beginning of the Divine service is to first imagine that you were distant from God.

As our sages say, “seem wicked in your own estimation.”

One of the ways to do this, is make a soul accounting of all of one’s sins, similar to what we do Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, certainly with Al Cheit.

And this leads one to Teshuva, which which means to desire passionately God.

And the issues of this world are not passionate.

This then evokes God’s passionate love for the individual.

We then need to make a space in our heart for the love of God to merge within us.

This then transforms into Infinite dimension of ever increasing Divine inspiration.

However the point of this inspiration is not rotzu / love of God, but application of God’s desires.

However when one returns to application, they can often lose the inspiration, therefore one must awaken daily, the inspiration.

We then must take this inspiration and apply it practically in doing God’s will.

Ultimately, the highest level is when one’s able to merge the love and application – Ratzu Vshuv.