The Rebbe’s unbelievable unity – Simchas Torah talk

The Rebbe’s unbelievable unity – Simchas Torah talk

1. The final words of the Torah are “Before the eyes of all of Israel.”

2. This emphasizes Jewish unity.

3. For it stresses that all Jews are together.

4. All Jews are a single unit.

5. Furthermore each is but a part of the whole.

6. Furthermore, a part of the original Source.

7. As such – as the Baal Shem Tov teaches, that when one touches the essence it is the entire essence (for the quintessential essence is indivisible) hence in every Jew is the entire essence.

8. Through this we understand the meaning of the Mitzvah of Ahavas Yisroel, to Unconditionally love every Jew.

9. The meaning is, to love another, as they are you.

10. Just as self love is not based on an external, rather intrinsic factor (it need not have a logical basis) this is the type of love one must extend to a fellow Jew.

11. This explains the quandary how to love Unconditionally (seeing that the other is not you…) But when you understand you are two parts of the same whole + interchangeable – this extends one’s self love.

12. This explains the Baal Shem Tov’s teaching, that Ahavas Yisroel is to (even a Jew) whom I’ve never met /nor heard of – for if one knows there is a part of self somewhere, there is automatic love.

13. Now we understand the teaching of our sages, that Love of a fellow Jew, is a foundation of all the Torah and Mitzvos – for as explained in Tanya, the principal of Judaism is to make one’s soul more primary than one’s materialism, and hence through this realization, we empower our ability to Unconditionally Love.

14. If a person is haughty and sees themselves as Independent, then they cannot create true love.

15. In order to have unconditional love, we must go out of our ego.

16. When we consider our identity to be the soul of the Jewish people, which is our soulp, this creates the unconditional love.

17. This explains the story that the Rebbe shared, that there was once a great Jewish sage who when his child was sick, cried bitterlyp; and then he was filled with remorse that he did not do so for ANY Jewish child – which shows that he had not completely elevated his soul.

18. This also explains the meaning of the words “They will all make a single , group/ movement to fulfill God’s will.”

19. The meaning of this is, the only time you have a single group / a unified movement, if it’s in the service of God’s will.

20. A movement whose objective is personal gratification, even though it may apply to all the individuals, nonetheless, it does not truly unite them.

21. As, fundamentally they lead separate lives, and different interests – it’s only this specific thing which brings them together, hence because in each individual the unifying factor is in fact their own ego for a common cause, this does not allow real Unity.

22. And this is the meaning “to not be like Korach and his group,” for fundamentally, they were not United even in the same cause, as individuals that are united only for personal aggrandization or pleasure, when they’re individual egos and desires will see a benefit in separating from the group, they will do so.

23. As we’ve seen empirically with many movements, many of them with vast resources…, but because fundamentally they were not one, therefore there is schisms of power, and eventually the groups themselves come to naught.

24. Therefore, when one wishes to have a movement and desires it should last, it must be based on a Torah goal.

25. This is a powerful reason why the Jews are compared to one sheep amongst 70 wolves – their Nation outlived, much larger more powerful Nations; for even a solitary Jew who adheres to Torah, has commonality with millions of Jews past and present, whereas members of great empires, may have in fact nothing fundamentally similar.

26. The same applies to movements that veer away from Judaism, as they are fundamentally self-orientated, they lack staying power.

27. A single Jew connected to Torah, has more power than millions, not.

28. Now we understand the connection of the last words of Torah, which emphasized Unity – to the beginning, namely, that “God created heaven and Earth,” for by understanding, that everything a Jew has, both their physical and spiritual, is not their own achievement, but merely an infinite kindness of God! this enables, through humility, to create Unity.

29. This is also hinted to in the fact that these words come from the blessing of Moses, who was a Jewish Shepherd, and was in charge of providing both the physical and spiritual needs – and sheep to receive from the shepherd, give up their own identity, will and drives.

30. This applies not only to Moses, but to, as the Zohar says: “his soul representative (namely the Rebbe in each generation.”) To receive the infinite blessings from the Rebbe, one must nullify one’s Will.

31. Like sheep who willingly follow the shepherd, and hence can receive all the shepherd’s blessings.

32. This then is the connection between the final Torah portion and the first, for to receive all of God’s blessings, we must go beyond our egocentric self.

33. For when one acknowledges that everything one has comes only from God, and therefore one has no ego and humbly, and happily follows the directives of the Moses of the generation, this then creates complete Jewish Unity.

34. On Simchas Torah, we conclude the Torah and begin the New!, this means one must have finished the Torah!, but someone who feels they have not completed the Torah study, has an ability through supporting Torah scholars to join and unify in their completion.

35. As the sages say, and so is the Jewish Halacha / law, those who support Torah scholars, receive partial reward of their study.

36. Though the previous dispensation, is for one who has no time and hence can only study a bit in the morning and the evening, nonetheless our Rebbes say, that what can be achieved through bitter Teshuva on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, can be achieved through Joy and dancing on Simchas Torah.

37. Even one who lacked Teshuvah at Neilah, can achieve it dancing on Simchas Torah.

38. As the essence of our soul is always completely God, therefore we always have the ability to start fresh, New, reJEWvenated.

39. This explains the conclusion of the Torah, namely, how to achieve Jewish Unity; But what is the message of the beginning of the Torah? And that is as the Baal Shem Tov teaches, that the first mission of a Jew is “Barah” / to reveal, the essence of Heaven and Earth is God! as we know, it is only God’s continuous force that brings it into existence (which amazingly science has confirmed.)

40. This is the fact, even though the physical eye may not see the energy of matter.

41. If this is the case with a physical Rock, how much infinitely more so with a human being and Jew.

45. We all have a Divine Soul, it’s only that as the soul comes into a body, the body May conceal it, in fact, even fight against it.

46. Hence we have to “create the world within ourselves..” reveal that God is our self.

47. The sign that one has reached this spiritual understanding, is when one’s love for every Jew is equal to that of oneself.

48. And through the acknowledgement that Your soul, Your energy, Your life, hence You, Are God! you, can reveal that this is the case in all creation and matter, and that ultimately all that exists is the ONE.