Understanding Reality

To understand reality, lets start with “I think therefore I am (though to be honest: who is the am, who is thinking…)

But from an observational point of view, five things are empirically evident:

  1. There is a physical world.
  2. In this world, there are four main kingdoms –
    1. The inanimate (non-living: water, rocks, minerals etc.)
    2. there are the vegetative (trees, shrubs, grass etc.)
    3. there are the moving, non-speaking animals (bugs, birds, fish, beasts etc.)
    4. there is the thinking, speaking (hopefully, intelligent) human. Most importantly what this means, (for the body is only an expression of the soul) that there are various levels of the ability to observe, deduce, analyze; hence realize, discover, learn, change and grow.
  3. It is obvious that there is a single Being – for when you have any machine, with multiple parts, be it a car, computer, cell-phone, someone must have a. designed the machine b. assembled the parts in a function that has benefit – And every part of these four kingdoms has multiple parts (in a simple level, all living things, have a body, “brain,” digestive system (sometimes skeleton and nervous system) in fact, every cell is so complex, that it makes the entire physical universe look like a child’s game – suffice it to say, there are more neuron cells in your brain that chemically and electrically interact, than there are stars in the universe (and never mind the complexity of DNA, its ability to replicate etc. – never mind, the miracle of a single atom, is quarks, quantum properties… so when you have multiple functioning parts, resulting in a working machine, for a function, there has to be a. the designer, b. the assembler, c. which results in the original intent.
  4. Of-course the knowledge that there is a God (based on the scientific premises mentioned) was the discovery of Abraham; however the great question of questions, is, Why? – The answer to this question is love – when you create someone (as parent to their child/ren, or even any inventor…) the motive is always love. (Now love can be one of two things: it can either be an intrinsic love, (like a parent to the child, so the fact that “you are my child,” is the reason for the love ) or an extrinsic factor, so a. is lovable for the effect that it causes; and of-course, in an Infinite Being, there can be both.)
  5. Finally as Chassidus teaches, there are five love reasons – the first love reason, is as states in Kabbalah, “God saw our souls” (for past present and future, are equal) and his love for us (like the parent to the child… – but as God saw you grown, therefore it’s more, a reverence, respect, admiration, adoration) caused the initial desire to create
    2. We all get a pleasure from the annihilation of evil, hence God caused, as He says, “See I have created light and darkness, good and evil, choose light! (life”) So in our overcoming the dark side (the side of lust and arrogance) we bring Him great joy;
    3. When you are humble, like God (for only a humble being would find (and does find) another admirable – hence there is a great pleasure in unity (for the humble person feels honored through associating with whom they feel are honorable) hence:
    a. God seeks to unify with us (this of-course happens when we study Torah and fulfil His wishes, and especially adhere to his continual instructions, be it in the form of Hashgachah Pratis, hints, or sometimes even thoughts from beyond (as the Baal Shem Tov teaches: God speaks in hints, and sometimes even in a “random” thoughts;)
    b. Finally and perhaps most importantly, E-Pluribus-Unum, when We, God’s creation, band together, in mutual respect, love, compassion, through respecting and uplifting; This Creates Cosmic Joy.

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