From The radical left one “learns” that “blacks, Muslims, Arabs, gays (and all perveted “orientations”) are SUPERIOR – of course, that, the enemy of such ENLIGHTENED thinking, are the backward non-enlightened religious evil people” – From the Muslim Jihadist (which includes Sauida Arabia, palastinias, Iran, Pakistan and the too numerous to count, hundreds of millions of more) reality is that “Mohammed is THE prophet (as in every bonafide cult, the meglamniac delusional founder says, HE IS BUT A Continuation…) all other prophets (they believe Adam, Noah, Musa – Moses…) Their teachings were curropted, only the Koran is true’ – (unfortunately) the Koran tells Muslims (over thirty times) to murder innocent Jews and crishtains ( and in the case of Iran, whom are shite – they believe “when the world will be filled with blood up to a horse’s knee, the Messiah will come” – their motive for nukes…) If you are a normal Judeo- cristian ethical person, You believe in the Ten Commandments, which boils down to Goodness, Kindness, Morality, Respect, Dignity, Charity, Compassion

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