The Sum of The Rebbe – Quotes from the Rebbe’s First Address (Mammer)

Originally God’s presence was in this world.

Through the sin of eating the forbidden fruit, the Shechina jumped out of this world (and through another subsequent – generations of evil) until seven Tzaddikim came, and beginning with Avrohom, began to bring it down until Mosheh – being the seventh (from Avrohom) was gifted, and it came back with the giving of the Torah.

Likewise our generation is the seventh from the Alter Rebbe, and hence it is our ability, hence mission, to manifest the complete Shechinah to every last individual.

The entire purpose, even of the greatest heavens, is only for our universe.

When we can overcome our foolish (Yetzer Hara (instinctual) desire/s, we then reveal that the essence of our universe is actually God!

The reason for existence is that God desired to recieve joy, when we overcome darkness (the Yetzer Hara – foolish lust/s and ego driven needs) and furthermore, be passionate about God and goodness.

The same passion we have for foolish pleasures, we must put into Divine.

When we do this, we draw, that God literally is at home (in us.)

The “histalek” – passing (a terminology of Kabbalah) used in reference to the passing of the Rebbes means, not that they are God-forbid not here; rather their presence is sublime.

This is our mission, the seventh generation from the Alter Rebbe – though we earned not this great privilege,  to draw down the complete revelation of God.

To transform our animalistic (animal soul’s) desire, into pure Divine delight.

For this to occur, though we suffered such unexplainable tragedy – enough it wasn’t – there also had to be the “passing” of the Tzaddik.

The greatness of the first (Avrohom, the Alter Rebbe) was that he sought not even self-sacrifice; only to fulfil God’s will (and if self-sacrifice was necessary, it was with pleasure.)

Practically this means, that when you arrive in a locale, and you meet a child who knowns not of God (God-forbid) doesn’t know Alef Beis… – set yourself (your physical and spiritual) aside and teach!

Furthermore, if you seek God’s presence in you, you must bring it to others.

Not only must you teach him the basics, but he should be passionate that the world is actually God.

We have been given the power from the Rebbes to fulfil this mission.

This itself – namely, we have received the generations of powers from the Rebbes, makes us unique, capable and extraordinary.

And through working in this way, we shall manifest Moshiach!

The presence of God that will be here, will be even greater than the Godliness that was present when God first made the world (in Gan-Eden.)

And soon the Rebbe will arise, and bring Moshiach; but Moshiach is revelation, the main thing is he will unite us with God.

This is the true reason for the entire creation, and everything we have been through (namely to become one with God on earth!)

All the Jews will be filled with light, and once again we shall sing Az Yashir (the song of praise for Redemption.)

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