The 2 most revolutionary ideas

When we think about the history of the world – ideas – particularly revolutionary ones (not the ones that are there to overthrow but to build, uplift and see what no man realizes) are the very reason for human development.

The first idea was that instead of the pagan belief, that multiple forces of nature (gods) were vying for dominance (amid a belief that the world was basically a dog eat dog reality – and the survival of the fittest…) one man realized that the complexity of these forces didn’t cause them to conflict, rather the opposite was true.

There had to be a single being whose wisdom was so great, that all of these forces served His singular purpose.

After Abraham discovered God, the next great question that humanity has since then grappled with, is: what exactly does He want?

And the one who brought us the greatest clarity as to God’s desire, was the Baal Shem Tov:

In the words of the Rebbe, Judaism boils down to goodness and kindness.

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