The 10 Life Spirit Hacks

The 10 Life Spirit Hacks

  1. First and foremost, you are not your body!

    2. You are – as everything – a combination of cellular body (with a unique DNA – a miracle of epic proportion – that something smaller than the size of a pinhead contains the information of exactly how, say, you, a tree, a cow etc. will not only look, but be able to fight diseases, know when to breath, and millions of other miracles) but what makes you, you, is your soul.

    3. A soul which is a conscious living entity (and from the fact that all things seek to live – all things alive, have souls) cannot self-create.

    4. There was a soul, which created all souls.

    5. Beauty is the coalesces of similar but uniquemany people, many colors, many flowers.

    6. In order to create beauty, or more precisely unity, God, the first soul, manifested billions, trillions (infinite) amounts of (spiritual and one physical) universe/s, and within them souls.

    7. For us, as a people, world, humanity to have unity, we must understand, like men and women, like Jew and gentile, like Chinese and American (for example) like rich and poor (and multiple other examples) we complement – men offer women safety, love, sperm, role-model (for it is the nature of a husband, father to be a role model) women offer security (more emotional, psychological) obviously children and of-course (if desired, as is usual) a home etc. – Jews offer the world God, ethics, a higher calling, Gentiles offer Jews protection (at least good ones.) So symbiosis, is the nature of nature; and realizing this, creates instead of arrogance, a deep appreciation, love, hence harmony, unity and beauty.

    7. Practically speaking, we each need to take personal responsibility.

    8. For me to add my beauty, I most realize, that I am a Divine soul.

    9. I must realize, my unique place, for example; I am a man, a father, husband, rabbi, American, and I exist within a community ( I must serve both my inner and outer circles, to the best of my ability; as well as help protect the Jews in Israel, and people suffering anywhere.)

    10. Last but not least, I must remember, that no matter how much good I have done, compared to the incredible need, I have but begun.

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