The Sum of The Rebbe – Quotes from the Rebbe’s First Address (Mammer)

Originally God’s presence was in this world.

Through the sin of eating the forbidden fruit, the Shechina jumped out of this world (and through another subsequent – generations of evil) until seven Tzaddikim came, and beginning with Avrohom, began to bring it down until Mosheh – being the seventh (from Avrohom) was gifted, and it came back with the giving of the Torah.

Likewise our generation is the seventh from the Alter Rebbe, and hence it is our ability, hence mission, to manifest the complete Shechinah to every last individual.

The entire purpose, even of the greatest heavens, is only for our universe.

When we can overcome our foolish (Yetzer Hara (instinctual) desire/s, we then reveal that the essence of our universe is actually God!

The reason for existence is that God desired to recieve joy, when we overcome darkness (the Yetzer Hara – foolish lust/s and ego driven needs) and furthermore, be passionate about God and goodness.

The same passion we have for foolish pleasures, we must put into Divine.

When we do this, we draw, that God literally is at home (in us.)

The “histalek” – passing (a terminology of Kabbalah) used in reference to the passing of the Rebbes means, not that they are God-forbid not here; rather their presence is sublime.

This is our mission, the seventh generation from the Alter Rebbe – though we earned not this great privilege,  to draw down the complete revelation of God.

To transform our animalistic (animal soul’s) desire, into pure Divine delight.

For this to occur, though we suffered such unexplainable tragedy – enough it wasn’t – there also had to be the “passing” of the Tzaddik.

The greatness of the first (Avrohom, the Alter Rebbe) was that he sought not even self-sacrifice; only to fulfil God’s will (and if self-sacrifice was necessary, it was with pleasure.)

Practically this means, that when you arrive in a locale, and you meet a child who knowns not of God (God-forbid) doesn’t know Alef Beis… – set yourself (your physical and spiritual) aside and teach!

Furthermore, if you seek God’s presence in you, you must bring it to others.

Not only must you teach him the basics, but he should be passionate that the world is actually God.

We have been given the power from the Rebbes to fulfil this mission.

This itself – namely, we have received the generations of powers from the Rebbes, makes us unique, capable and extraordinary.

And through working in this way, we shall manifest Moshiach!

The presence of God that will be here, will be even greater than the Godliness that was present when God first made the world (in Gan-Eden.)

And soon the Rebbe will arise, and bring Moshiach; but Moshiach is revelation, the main thing is he will unite us with God.

This is the true reason for the entire creation, and everything we have been through (namely to become one with God on earth!)

All the Jews will be filled with light, and once again we shall sing Az Yashir (the song of praise for Redemption.)


The Rebbe Quotes Vayeilech Parsha (5749)

The idea of Shabbos Teshuva is the fulfilment / completion of Teshuva.

Shabbos has the letters Tashev return (Teshuvah) – This refers not only to the lower, but the higher level of Teshuva.

Especially on the Shabbos of the Ten Day of Teshuva (Shabbos Shuvah) we effect a powerful Teshuva.

On Shabbos Teshuvah (as always) our joy in doing Teshuvah must be felt.

The true idea of Teshuva is that you go to levels of which you are not.

On Shabbos Teshuva, we have an infinite Teshuvah, to go infinitely beyond.

As Parshas Vayeilech speaks about the fact that Moses completed (and wrote) the whole Torah, it is connected to Simchas Toirah!

Hence the Teshuva of Parshas Vayeilech, Shabbos Shuva, is with the infinite joy of Simchas Torah.

Parshas Vayielech blesses with its joy, the fast of Yom Kippur – to the extent, that it is not a day of pain, rather even though we are fasting, as we are merging with God, we are elated!

Whenever God gives us a warning, it is not to frighten, rather to cause us to prevent it – through Teshuvah.

Furthermore, when we do the Teshuva, the very seeming negative, becomes a positive!

Here we see the incredible power of a Jew!!

As women are gifted with the three primary Mitzvos of Kosher, Niddah and lighting Shabbos candles, from time to time they should review its laws.

On the Yor Tzeit of the Rebbetzin Chana, Vov Tishrie we should copy her example of being a copyist – she would copy (write) the Mammorim of Chassidus for distribution – hence we should distribute Chassidus.


What Do Jews Believe

  1. We believe that there is only God

This means that everything that exists is nothing more than like a holograph – it comes from a single source – as we don’t see the light-source, only its beams – we think we exist

2. Free Choice

For this reason (as we think we exist independently) we have free consciousness.

  • Ultimately, through a complex mechanism of leading us along, as we (or hundreds of millions, if not billions, have already experienced) the futility of prosperity (for never before, have so many had so much) and seeking for meaning, purpose, existential truth… we “chance” upon a beautiful Divine.

The Comprehensive Truth

Rabbi Kesselman (from South Africa) told me that the Rebbe said – “truth corroborates” – in other words, the way you can tell say, if a scientific theory is true, is, if it isn’t.

So truth – truth which must come from the singular Creator, must integrate.

In other words – many are the beliefs that seek to promote a single idea or truth (be it meditation etc.) but truth must simultaneously include.


The 2 most revolutionary ideas

When we think about the history of the world – ideas – particularly revolutionary ones (not the ones that are there to overthrow but to build, uplift and see what no man realizes) are the very reason for human development.

The first idea was that instead of the pagan belief, that multiple forces of nature (gods) were vying for dominance (amid a belief that the world was basically a dog eat dog reality – and the survival of the fittest…) one man realized that the complexity of these forces didn’t cause them to conflict, rather the opposite was true.

There had to be a single being whose wisdom was so great, that all of these forces served His singular purpose.

After Abraham discovered God, the next great question that humanity has since then grappled with, is: what exactly does He want?

And the one who brought us the greatest clarity as to God’s desire, was the Baal Shem Tov:

In the words of the Rebbe, Judaism boils down to goodness and kindness.


The 10 Life Spirit Hacks

The 10 Life Spirit Hacks

  1. First and foremost, you are not your body!

    2. You are – as everything – a combination of cellular body (with a unique DNA – a miracle of epic proportion – that something smaller than the size of a pinhead contains the information of exactly how, say, you, a tree, a cow etc. will not only look, but be able to fight diseases, know when to breath, and millions of other miracles) but what makes you, you, is your soul.

    3. A soul which is a conscious living entity (and from the fact that all things seek to live – all things alive, have souls) cannot self-create.

    4. There was a soul, which created all souls.

    5. Beauty is the coalesces of similar but uniquemany people, many colors, many flowers.

    6. In order to create beauty, or more precisely unity, God, the first soul, manifested billions, trillions (infinite) amounts of (spiritual and one physical) universe/s, and within them souls.

    7. For us, as a people, world, humanity to have unity, we must understand, like men and women, like Jew and gentile, like Chinese and American (for example) like rich and poor (and multiple other examples) we complement – men offer women safety, love, sperm, role-model (for it is the nature of a husband, father to be a role model) women offer security (more emotional, psychological) obviously children and of-course (if desired, as is usual) a home etc. – Jews offer the world God, ethics, a higher calling, Gentiles offer Jews protection (at least good ones.) So symbiosis, is the nature of nature; and realizing this, creates instead of arrogance, a deep appreciation, love, hence harmony, unity and beauty.

    7. Practically speaking, we each need to take personal responsibility.

    8. For me to add my beauty, I most realize, that I am a Divine soul.

    9. I must realize, my unique place, for example; I am a man, a father, husband, rabbi, American, and I exist within a community ( I must serve both my inner and outer circles, to the best of my ability; as well as help protect the Jews in Israel, and people suffering anywhere.)

    10. Last but not least, I must remember, that no matter how much good I have done, compared to the incredible need, I have but begun.

Written before Rosh Hashanah: As we enter the scale of judgement – we must understand that every single thought, speech and action creates a angel, which will stand tonight before God, and like a supercomputer the entirety of your deeds, will be seen, judged; and only positive resolutions for transformation, which can retroactively eliminate the past, as it became the catalyst for the future – will transform your year